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The Great Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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Edgar Allen Poe is an author that just about anyone and everyone around the globe can either quote or say that they have heard of; Nonetheless, from his amazing works to his unexpected and strange death, Mr. Poe is a man that everyone is familiar with. Mr. Poe has some very interesting points in his life, which are very much worth conversing over, starting from his tragic beginning and slowly but surely making it to his undoubtedly deserved fame but it was then cut short when the last chapter of his life’s book was at its end.
Edgar Allen Poe was born in 1809 within Boston, Massachusetts to a family of actors. Edgar was one of three children and all were left homeless after their mother died within a year after their father ditched and left town. This is the beginning of the young Poe’s life and it was not a very favorable start. After his mother’s death he was left homeless just like his siblings. Edgar was taken in by a family in Richmond, Virginia and was given the new last name of Allen so that he could represent his new family. Although he was given a new last name, the poor Poe child was never officially adopted (Euro. Graduate School). It was evident that from a material standpoint, Edgar was very well cared for. Mr. Allen brought home enough money to sustain his family’s needs such as food, clothing but he also brought in enough money to by more real estate, supply his sideboard with venison, and maintain three slaves, and all of this was made possible by Mr. Allen’s job at the merchandising firm known as “The House of Ellis and Allen” (Silverman).
Kenneth Silverman has also written a very interesting statement that states that Edgar was not provided with as much of emotional care as he was financially.
“Emotionally, Allen provided less richly. Narrowly trained in commercial affairs, he resented others who had been raised more liberally and preached a demanding code of manly independence.” Kenneth Silverman.
At the age of six and a half, Poe was exposed to his first rigorous education in a couple of different boarding schools, which were later described as lonely and unhappy. These depressing times for Edgar were soon ended by the collapse of the London tobacco market. Allen’s firm became indebted for nearly $233,000 and, because of Allen’s inability to pay his rent, the family of three returned to America in July of 1820.
As a teenager, Poe was very talented both in the English department and the physical department of life. As the young Poe continued his private academy studies, he showed a gift for languages and began his writing of verse. Thin and muscular, Poe became and amazing boxer and leaper but his supposedly best sport was swimming; yet through all his ambitiousness he evinced, or revealed, a need for motherly succor. Many believe that this need for a motherly figure in his life is what leads him to become infatuated with Jane Standard, the mother of schoolmate. Kenneth Silverman says that his may have ignited...

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