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One living organism that has a very important function for the environment and all the living creatures on Earth is the plant. This is because other living organisms such as animals and human beings greatly depend on them for food and oxygen. Furthermore, they are also able to provide living creatures the shelter that they need. As well as medicines that can be taken from medicinal plants. There are approximately 250,000 different species of plants and they are all part of the kingdom Plantae which has many different types. ("Plants in Peril - Plants and People", n.d., p. xx)One of them is the Angiosperms which can be further classified into Magnoliids, Eudicots, and Monocots. Under the ...view middle of the document...

The Schott classification is actually the same way as it is classified today. The Schott treated the family Araceae as a distinct unit. It is completely subdivided and the division was based on solely morphology and genetics. The scientists that studied Araceae way before Schott did classified Araceae into two or three families. It is only when Schott created his own system that the family had the same classification as to how it is classified now. However, Engler’s classification is basically the same as the family’s organization now except that his classification included ten subfamilies of Araceae instead of eight subfamilies which is how much it is at the present. Pistia and Lemnoideae was included as subfamilies in Engler’s classification. Hooker in the year 1883 made some modifications in Schott’s system and added concepts from Engler’s classification. However, Hotta in the year 1970 made a revision of Engler’s classification and merged three subfamilies, and made a new subfamily to a total of six subfamilies. Moreover, Hutchinson in the year 1973 also made revisions from Schott’s and followed some of Hooker’s system. He came up with a total of 18 major subdivisions for the family of Araceae. Although many had revised Schott’s system, the system of Engler still remains as a framework. This is seen especially when Bogner and Nicolson made a new revision of Engler’s classification. Their system included the basic concepts from Engler, but with a few changes with the subfamilies. This is why the Englerian system still remains as the base concept of the classification of the Araceae family until today. ("Evolution and Phylogeny of Araceae", n.d., p. xx)
The plants from the family of Araceae has their own Morphology and features. There are around 3,800 species that belongs to the Araceae family. All of them are unisexual and are monocotyledons. ("Araceae or Arum Family", n.d., p. xx) They are considered as on of the houseplants that can be taken care of easily. ("Araceae or Arum Family", n.d., p. xx) The plants that belong in the Araceae family has herbs that are rhizomatous and tuberous. They also do have raphides. ("Flowering Plant Families, UH Botany", n.d., p. xx) They vary in shape, they have slits and holes, the phyllotaxy or leaf arrangement is alternate, and it can be a simple or a compound leaf. ("Araceae or Arum Family", n.d., p. xx) The temperature that it requires can range from average to warmer than the average house temperature. Also, it requires low to moderate amount of light. ("Araceae or Arum Family", n.d., p. xx) Unpleasant foul odors can also be sensed in some plants from the Araceae. (Kite, Hetterscheid, & Lewis, n.d., p. xx) Moreover, they produce actinomorphic flowers meaning that they are symmetrical in a radial manner and that it can divide into symmetrical halves. Also, these plants are able to produce berrylike fruits. ("Family: Araceae", n.d., p. xx) These are the features that distinguish the plants from the...

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