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The Great Game Of Soccer Essay

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The Great Game of Soccer It is hard to find a better sport to play than soccer. Soccer is a game that can be played by people of almost any age. There are eleven players needed to play on a team.It is a relatively inexpensive sport because the only thing needed to play are shin guards, cleats, and a soccer ball. However, if one plays in a league there may be a registration fee. Soccer can be played either indoors or outdoors. There are four different sizes of soccer fields that vary between age groups. Playing soccer is more fun than other sports because of its skill level and fast action.The first reason to play soccer over other sports is because it is more fun to play. Soccer is a fast-paced and non-stop game; therefore, it is not stopped every few plays like some sports. The game is played for forty-five minute halves and the only time play is stopped is if there is an injury. The goalkeeper is the only one that is able to use their hands when playing soccer; consequently, this makes the game more challenging.Soccer also allows one to be with their friends. If a team travels, there is an opportunity to meet people on the other teams. Running also makes soccer more fun because one is not waiting for a play to happen. The players keep moving trying to keep possession of the ball.Another reason to play soccer over other sports is because there are new skills to learn. There are more skills to be mastered in soccer than other sports. The basic skills one will need to master are dribbling, passing, heading, chesting, and trapping. When dribbling keep the ball close to one?s feet, tapping the ball...

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