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The Great Gatsby Cover Analyzation Essay

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The cover of The Great Gatsby could be interpreted in numerous ways. It could represent Daisy, the eyes of Eckleburg, Gatsby, or even Myrtle. However, the character that seems to have the biggest correlation is Daisy. The entire book revolves around Gatsby's life and his experiences. What exactly does Gatsby's life revolve around? His life revolves around Daisy and his undying love for her. It only makes the most sense that the cover of the book would be the one thing he could treasured the most, and that is Daisy. Looking closely at the cover, the face has much more feminine features, with soft lips, glittering eyes, and a beret in the hair. The eyes on this face are shining so brightly and have such a passion in them, but this passion is not being directed towards another person, such as Gatsby or Tom. Daisy Buchanan's devotion in life was not to Gatsby, or even Tom, but to fine things. The face on the cover of ...view middle of the document...

The reason the cover could possibly be Myrtle is the same reason that the cover could be Daisy, because of the way the eyes are being vigorously directed towards the city. Myrtle had developed a strong appreciation for the finer things in life after becoming Tom's mistress. Myrtle was poor and lives in the slums of the Valley of Ashes, and one reason she became so attracted to Tom is because he made her forgot about her hum-drum, meager life. She craved the city life, and she adored the fact that when she was with Tom, he gave her that wealthy lifestyle, regardless of the fact that he abused her. A reason that could disprove the theory of Myrtle being the cover face is the fact that she appreciated more than just riches in life, she loved Tom. The cover face is directing all of he/she's attention to the city, and this was not the only desire of Myrtle's life. No matter how dreadful he treated her, Myrtle loved Tom, proving wealth was not her only desire. Gatsby himself and the Eyes of Eckleburg are other options the face of the cover. The reason the face could be Gatsby is because of the fact he loved the city life after spending time with Dan Cody. However, that is easily disproved because of the obvious reason that Gatsby loved so much more than just riches, which was Daisy. The Eyes of Eckleburg are also another strong pick. The Eyes of Eckleburg were part of a billboard on the Valley of Ashes for the eyecare of Dr. Eckleburg. They represented more than this; they represented a higher power that would watch over the greed and hate people would exhibit throughout the story. The reason it most likely is not Eckleburg is more for physical attributes; the eyes of Eckleburg wore glasses and was thought of to be male, but the cover has more feminine characteristics, a reason it most likely is not Dr. Eckleburg. Daisy, in my opinion, is the face of the cover on The Great Gatsby. Daisy represents greed and is the only character that would prefer material items and riches over other people. The Great Gatsby is also a story of Jay Gatsby, and nothing shows his desire in life better than Daisy, which is why she is the best representation of the cover.

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