The Great Goddess Mary Poppins Based On The Book "Marry Poppins" By Pamela Travers In Comparison With The Article "Marry Poppins And The Great Mother" By Mary De Forest

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Pamela Travers' book Mary Poppins attracts readers with its themes of magic, mystery and justice as it unifies childrens' timeless dreams of perfection and harmony in the world. The main character of the book, Mary Poppins, has an ability to stimulate the impossible and perform miracles that unite elements of mythology. DeForest refers to Mary Poppins as a goddess-like figure, which he defines to be a character possessing supernatural powers who has an ability to manipulate the world. Like any classical goddess, Mary Poppins is practically perfect because her magical skills allow her to have a control over everything around her. Mary DeForest argues in her article titled Mary Poppins and the Great Mother that Travers' knowledge of mythology is reflected through Mary Poppins, the main character of her book. DeForest states that Mary Poppins is portrayed as an earth goddess, but in reality, she has many more powers and mythological qualities than DeForest attributes to her. Travers illustrates in her book that Marry Poppins has a lot of responsibilities. Around the house, she cleans the floor, cooks, washes dishes, buys groceries, airs the clothes and takes care of the children. She does this all very quickly and efficiently; even her undressing children goes so quickly that "buttons fly apart almost at a look" (Travers, 12). DeForest also states in her article that Mary Poppins, as the "mother of all", is the creator, and protector of the magical world (144). This implies that Mary Poppins also has responsibilities on the universal level. Using her superficial skills, she puts an order on the universe: she teaches the kids, protects animals, controls her positions on the earth and affects activities of creatures around her. For example, she negotiates the return of Miss Lark's dog, Andrew, by communicating with him and serving as a translator between humans and animals (Travers, 60-62). This implies that Mary Poppins serves as a mediator on the individual and on universal levels. She restores balance between people and animals, which demonstrates that she plays the role of goddess. Mary Poppins is a supernatural character who transcends the creatures surrounding her. Unlike Mr. and Mrs. Banks and other adults, Mary Poppins does not belong to an ordinary world. She represents perfection, not only because her behavior is immaculate, but also because she is capable of maintaining and developing the most important quality of childhood - the ability to see magic in everything. Even Starling, the talking bird, said that "she's different, she's the Great Exception", which distinguishes her from ordinary people (Travers, 138). In the same passage, Travers implies that she is unlike other adults, which is illustrated in the conversation with twins, when Starling, tells children that "there never was a human being that remembered anything after the age of one - at the very latest - except, of course, Her". This suggests that Mary Poppins...

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