The Great Gtsby: A Presentation Essay

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List of CharactersNick Carraway- the narrator. Thirty years old, he is a moralist who becomes a foil to every other character. He lives next door to Jay Gatsby and becomes Gatsby's link to daisy, his cousin.Jay Gatsby- the title character. A romantic idealist, he devotes his life to amassing wealth which he believes will win Daisy and fulfill his dream.Daisy Buchanan- Nick's cousin and Tom's wife, and Jay's dream girl. Incapable of love, she represents the idolized upper class.Tom Buchanan- Daisy's husband. Incapable of feeling guilt or any other emotion, he represents brutality, the moral carelessness of the rich , and racism.Jordan Baker- a friend of Daisy from Louisville. A young and dishonest professional golfer, she is involved with Nick, whose identifying character is honesty.Myrtle Wilson- wife of George. Her vitality attracts Tom. She wants to escape her lower class status, yet has no sense of values.George Wilson- proprietor of a garage in the Valley of Ashes. He represents the fate of the common working man, an everyman who believes a strong work ethic will eventually capture for him the American Dream.Owl-Eyes- a middle-aged fair weather friend of Gatsby.Pammy Buchanan- daughter of Tom and Daisy. She appears as a possession to be displayed. Always dresses in white like her mother, she represents the shallowness of her parents.Henry C. Gatz- Gatsby's father. He is proud of his son's prosperity.Meyer Wolfsheim- a representative of the underworld. He has used Gatsby as a front man and is proud of his connections.Catherine- Myrtle's sister. She is always available to have a good time.Mr. And Mrs. McKee- tenants in a New York City hotel; they attend a party with the main characters.Ewing Klipspringer- a boarder at Gatsby's house.Michaelis- owner of a coffee shop near George Wilson's garage, who befriends George.Mr. Sloane- a neighbor of Gatsby's who stops by while horseback riding. AppendixTimeline of The Great GatsbyAge 17 Gatsby meets Dan Cody and learns about leisure class.October 1917 Gatsby meets Daisy. She is 18; Jordan is 16.1918 She almost marries him.1918 By fall "she is gay again."June 1919 Daisy marries Tom Buchanan after receiving a $350,000 necklace. Gatsby is at Oxford.August 1919 Tom is already having an affair.April 1920 Daisy and Tom's daughter Pammy is born.Autumn 1921 Nick comes back from the war.Spring 1922 Nick comes to the East and sets up residence in West Egg, Long Island.Summer 1922 The main action of the novel takes place.Autumn 1922 Nick returns to the Midwest.Summary of the Novel The narrator of the story, Nick Carraway, has just returned from war, and restless in the west, goes East to work. In flashbacks he reveals the story of Jay Gatsby, his next-door neighbor, as he learns it. The nine chapters develop around seven parties interspersed with...


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