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The Great Journey To Freedom Essay

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The Great Journey to Freedom
The twentieth century was a great and tremendous time for Canada in their journey to gain independence from Britain. Before, Canada started demanding for freedom, they were a part of the Commonwealth of Britain. Britain controlled many countries but Canada’s actions in the twentieth century made Britain feel as if Canada needed an identity of their own. The years 1900 – 1929, saw Canada taking their first steps in attaining independence from Britain. Their involvement in World War I, especially at the Vimy Ridge Battle made Canada look like a mature nation in the eyes of other countries . More than 10,000 courageous Canadian soldiers were killed and it was also the best successful battle of World War I. Seven Canadians earned the Victoria Cross for their bravery in front of German fire. Soon, Canada started to demand for more freedom and it was granted. From 1930-1959, Canada had achieved the most in terms of attaining independence from Britain because of their successful tactics at the Sicily and the Liberation of Netherlands battles. Canada remained strong in World War II after World War I. They won the hearts of many citizens after these battles and the Sicily battle was Canada’s best fought battle in World War II. This allowed Canada to ask for more freedom from Britain and Britain couldn’t decline. From 1960-1989, Canada wanted to change the Constitution Act. The changed Constitution Act made sure the British Parliament couldn’t amend Canada’s constitution anymore. Canada was able to do anything without Britain’s permission. It allowed Canada to vote in major decisions. And many acts were made for aboriginals after they gained the right to change the Constitution Act. These three time periods in the twentieth century saw Canada successfully taking massive steps in order to get more independent from Britain. At the end of the last time period, Canada was a mature and a different nation in the eyes of many other countries. They had received the independency they had always wanted and now they could enjoy their freedom. In conclusion, Canada took many substantial, difficult, and crucial steps in receiving their independence from Britain during the 20th century.
Firstly, Canada had many important events in the first time period of the twentieth century but the Vimy Ridge Battle was one of the most important events for Canada. More than 10,000 courageous soldiers died while fighting this battle . The most number of Canadian soldiers died in World War I during this battle. These soldiers lost their precious lives as they captured more ground, more prisoners, and more guns than any previous British offensive during the two – and a half of the war. It was also the best successful battle in World War I in which Canada stood out and demonstrated they were one of the outstanding formations on the Western Front and masters of offensive warfare. During this battle, seven Canadians earned the Victoria Cross for their...

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