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There is a lot of talk about who is the greatest basketball player to ever set foot on a court. Born December 30, 1984, LeBron James is often in the mix of this conversation. Like most successful people today, LeBron had it rough growing having to move from apartment to apartment. His father Anthony McClelland, an ex-con, did not step up to the plate of fatherhood, leaving his mother Gloria James to raise him on her own. When LeBron was just a sobbing baby she bought him a miniature goal, not knowing she was creating one of the best ball players of all time.
LeBron did not make many friends when he started school because he was ashamed of his life at home. Getting his schoolwork was ...view middle of the document...

Averaging eighteen points per a game as a freshmen, he helped his team win a Division III title scoring twenty-five points. After this he began to get recognized for his skills. He won the USA Today All-USA First Team, being the first sophomore to receive this award. He then went on to lead his team to another Division title back to back; the same thing he has done with the Miami Heat.
The end of his junior year, LeBron was such a unique player he thought about going pro. “Sportswriters were comparing him to such legendary basketball stars as Michael Jordan.” He decided to finish his senior year and led the team to a third title and a top ranking. In all he scored two thousand six hundred fifty-seven points during his career at St Vincent- St Mary high. Next LeBron went on to be the first draft pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. The team was struggling at the time and could strongly use him. James also signed endorsement deals, one with Nike for $90 million. He was the first member of the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the rookie of the year award and the youngest to receive it. At the end of that season, his girlfriend Savannah Brinson brought LeBron Jr. into the world.
LeBron continued being a strong player, averaging 22.7 points per a game and boosting the Cavs standings and fan base. He was soon named the MVP in 2006, and that same year he signed a new contract that would last until 2010. In the 06-07 season the Cavs were better and made it all the way to the NBA Finals. However, they lost to the Spurs in four games. But good news comes from Savannah having baby Bryce. The next...

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