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The Great Operation Essay

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“When there is state there can be no freedom, but when there is freedom there will be no state.”(Lenin, 1918) Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We is a novel written in 1921 after the Russian revolution. The novel was translated to English by Natasha Randall. The novel was written in parallel to the communist regime created by Vladimir Lenin. The quote above, shows one of the ideologies of which Lenin-Marxism was created on. Initially Zamyatin supported the Bolshevik government, however after he witnessed the effect of communism on society, he started to question the Bolsheviks. The novel depicts the journey of realisation of the protagonist, D-503, as he progressively realises the constraints of freedom. ...view middle of the document...

However, D-503 chose not to report I-330. “I grasped the handle door. The handle was bronze and I heard: that same bronze in my voice.” (Zamyatin, p. 28) The colour bronze is used as a symbolism of emotion. This is because D-503 realises that even though legally he must report I330, he cannot. This event brings fear towards D-503 even though it is not stated. This can be seen through the question of his emotions including the mathematic rhetoric of “√(-1)”. It can be seen in the quote, “Take √(-1) out of me!” (Zamyatin, p.37) This shows how he is feared emotionally due to illegal actions. Furthermore, the Bureau of Guardians is created to blind the ciphers from freedom.

Secondly, in the novel We the motif of fear is portrayed through the event of public executions. During record nine, a public execution was taken place. Here, the benefactor publicly executes a cipher using the cube and the machine. “the immobile, metallic figure of him whom we call the Benefactor.”(Zamyatin, p.43) The metaphor ‘metallic figure’ symbolises the benefactor as strong and powerful. During the execution, several poets including R-13 arrive to the cube to write about the execution. This is a connotation to the use of propaganda to create fear in the one state. As R-13 writes about the execution, the cipher who would read the poem will feel fear to rebel against the one state. This is a way fear blinds freedom, because the ciphers are too scared to rebel against one state.

Zamyatin uses the Great operation as a means of...

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