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The Great Recession Of 2007: Job Discrimination In The United States

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In December of 2007, the United States entered a recession that was ignited by the global financial crisis. A recession is a period of decline in economic activity. The Great Recession, as Americans referred to the recession of 2007, was the longest recession since the Great Depression (Homan & Matthews , 2008). With inflation occurring and the housing market in shambles, Americans struggled to live during this horrific period in U.S. history. Millions of Americans are out of work, and U.S. companies are hesitant to hire employees. Lawmakers change financial policies to provide recovery to the country. The financial bailout is used to aid banks and states to build infrastructure. The Federal Reserve is printing money at an all-time high that affects the value of the dollar. To cope, many people turn to welfare for government assistance. People who do not rely on unemployment benefit or government assistance must find a job to survive. When looking for a job, a person must be deemed as a qualified candidate and meet the requirements of the job. HR professionals are responsible for the recruiting and selection process of an organization. If a recession is occurring, however, the recruiting and selecting is under more scrutiny, and companies are willing to discriminate to obtain employees in a down economy. In a recession, organizations use discriminatory practices with a person’s race, gender, and age despite equal opportunity laws in the United States.
Equal Employment Opportunity has laws and regulations that provide protection to members of a certain group. Discrimination is recognizing differences among people or items (Mathis & Jackson , 2009). If an employee is discriminated upon by the protected categories, a company is violating the law and may face stiff penalties. Due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a legislative movement was started to provide equality. Disparate treatment and disparate impact are two types of discrimination. Illegal discrimination allow for people to be mistreated and violated in a work environment. HR management must focus on discrimination to reduce the amount of Equal Employment Opportunity complaints.
Discrimination can against race, gender, age, individuals with disabilities, religion, marital status, military experience, and sexual orientation (Mathis & Jackson , 2009). The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was for race and origin discrimination. Employers can violate the EEO laws about race by refusing to hire a person due to their ethnicity. The EEO laws were set in place specifically for race because America is so diverse. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 keeps employers from using a protected category to recruit and select. Affirmative action requires businesses to hire diverse individuals. Women have endured discrepancies because of their gender. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 calls for women and men pay scales to be equal. Although women have some protection from this law, the act does not prevent all discrimination...

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