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The Great Rite Essay

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It is the celebration of life that is done symbolically using a chalice and Athame. It is part of the Beltane rituals. Symbolic version creation in the union of the maiden Goddess with her loving God. Beltane is a celebration of sexuality, purification and fertility. The planting of crops is finished, and many crops have grown to seedlings. Bees are very active pollinating flowers, and many creatures are in the height of their mating season. I would light the fires and have the joy of the rituals without taking off my clothes I do not plan on joining a coven and they do not all use it as a sexual thing anyway. It is misunderstood by many people in many ways it is not just a sexual ritual ...view middle of the document...

Colors are the Rainbow spectrum. Beltane is a festival of flowers, fertility, sensuality, and delight. Beltane is around May 1st, it was chosen as the midway point between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice (two of the four minor Sabbats). Due to the change in the earth's axis of rotation over time, this point is now closer to May 5th, and some pagans observe May 5th as "Old Beltane," but the traditional date is still favored. Beltane is an old Celtic Fire Ritual which celebrates, at the most fundamental level, the end of winter and the beginning of the warmer, lighter half of the year. It is the counterpart to Samhain, which marks the Pagan New Year and celebrates ancestors and the death of the crops (harvest). Beltane celebrates life. when villagers traveled into the woods to gather the nine sacred woods needed to build the Beltane bonfires. The tradition of "May Boughing" or "May Birching" involved young men fastening garlands of greens and flowers on the windows and doors of their prospective lady loves before the fires are lit Beltane night. Another use of the Beltane fires was for a purification ritual using a scapegoat or Fool. Special cakes made out of egg, milk and oatmeal, called bannocks, were passed around in a bonnet. One piece of bannock was charred, and whoever chose this piece was the Fool for that year's Beltane; it was believed that any misfortune would fall on the Fool, sparing the rest of the people. It is now generally believed to be a myth that the Fool ever burnt as a human...

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