The Great Strategist: Erwin Rommel Essay

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The Great Strategist,
Erwin Rommel

By: Amneet Warraich
World History
Period 1

Rommel, a general, also argued to be one of the best strategists. Erwin Rommel was born on November 15, 1891 in Heidenheim. He made himself known in the First World War and was honored for his bravery. He achieved many small goals before becoming a big military figure. His real chance to gain power was in 1933, when Hitler was appointed Chancellor. Hitler recognized Erwin as a great strategist and helped Erwin Rommel’s quick rise to power. He got a nick name in world war two, The Desert Fox. Becoming a Nazi might have been Rommel’s biggest mistake since becoming a Nazi is what led to his downfall and eventually death.
Rommel was born on November 15, 1891 in Southern Germany. He was the second of four kids to Erwin Rommel senior and Helene Von Luz. His father also worked in artillery in the army. Rommel described his childhood as happy. At an early age he showed ability to make things. He took things part and put them back together and wanted to become an engineer. But, instead he listened to his father’s wishes and joined the army. He became well known after the First World War. He met his wife at cadet school and had a son with her. He also had a daughter from a previous relationship. He was in his daughter’s life but he decided not to stay with her.
Rommel’s rise to power started in world war two but he was in the army during world war one. In world war one he fought in Italy, Romania, and France. He quickly became known for his bravery and ability to make quick choices while under the pressure of the war. He was very good tactically and made some tough decisions. He led many missions behind enemy lines in the cover of darkness. He would ambush enemies from behind and usually catch them off guard. One of his battles stood out the most. It was the battle on January 29, 1915 and it took place in the Argonne region of France. He attacked and gained control of many block houses. He only had to fall back after being surrounded and receiving heavy fire. For his bravery he was awarded the highest German honor which is the Iron Cross.
In between the World Wars instead of being given a staff job he was chosen to remain with the troops. Rommel became an instructor at an infantry school. “In this position he wrote several notable training manuals, including Infanterie greift an (Infantry Attack) in 1937”. (World War Two: Field Marshall Erwin Rommel) Writing this book is one of the main things that led to him becoming one of Hitler’s favorite general. After Hitler read this book he was very impressed and gave Rommel a position as a liaison for Nazi youth. After Hitler took the Sudetenland he requested Rommel be moved to his private protection. This shows you how much trust Hitler had in Rommel.
His role in World War two was mostly leading battles. During the invasion of Poland he was made commander of Führer escort...

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