The Benefits Of A Liberal Arts College

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When you ask any high school senior the question, do you want to receive a higher education, the answer in more recent times has become yes. Why? Because more often times than not higher education to a high school senior means a chance at success. But choosing the right college depends on how one defines this term. The textbook definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So then the question becomes, what is the purpose of higher education? Is it to prepare us for one specific career? Or is it for us to receive a more vast and worldly education with which we can find both our passion and infinite opportunities? The first option can be found at any large career-oriented university. The second can be found at a liberal arts college. In fact, the second option is what many incoming high school seniors are and should be gravitating towards, after much research has come out indicating that post-undergraduate students have been more “successful” coming from a liberal arts college than from a large research university. In fact, the idea that liberal arts colleges are the “hidden ivy league” is becoming more popular in society today.
The assumption that many make is that attending a liberal arts college for a bachelor’s education costs a whole lot of money, with no return on the investment. Meaning that, a liberal arts education will not help students get a job and pay off the loans that most of them take out to get the education itself. It’s safer to attend a possibly cheaper, large university. Yes it’s true, not everyone needs an expensive liberal arts education for the career they would like to pursue, especially if they know they want to pursue it. “Suppose a young woman who is in the 98th percentile of academic ability and wants to become a lawyer and eventually run for political office. It seems essential that she spend her undergraduate years getting a rigorous liberal education. Apart from a liberal education’s value to her, the nation will benefit.” (Murray) Students like this enjoy a liberal arts education, whereas students who are looking for vocational training in a specific career path would not enjoy the liberal arts experience. However, this difference in student desire does not mean that liberal arts colleges are worthless and a waste of money.
A recent article published by College Node outlines the benefits of a liberal arts college over larger universities. Among these include a greater undergraduate focus, something that is very lacking in larger universities. One of the biggest complaints that undergraduate students have in large universities is that professors are often too focused on their research or graduate students that their undergrad classes are near the bottom of their priorities. Whereas in liberal arts colleges, professors prioritize their undergraduate classes more than anything else and students constantly receive the one-on-one attention that they want, and often need after coming from a high...

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