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In The Crucible most of the characters all want power or a good reputation. One of the lesser of the power hungry characters is Reverend John Hale. Reverend Hale knows he has the power to hang witches and has done it many times before. The people of Salem know this and break under the pressure of having Reverend Hale bombard them with such leading questions in act one that they just start accusing other to save their own life. Tituba gets accused by Abigail then Tituba confesses and lies that she is working with the devil. This causes all of the young girls to take an easy way out and accuse others. Reverend Hale doesn’t just use his powerful reputation for accusing people of witchery; he does use it for good, to help people towards the end of the play in act four.
The second thing that Hale says when he gets to Salem is “They must be; they are weighted with authority.”(Miller 38). This statement that Hale makes shows that he knows he has the most power in the room at the moment. Hale not only knows he has power but he also makes others feel like they can have power with him, and for all of the power hungry characters in The Crucible this is not good. In act one Reverend Hale accuses Tituba of being a witch and Tituba has no other choice but to lie and say that she was working with the devil and saw that Hale gave Tituba power by telling her that she is working for God now to confess to him who is working for the devil, the other girls saw the opportunity to get out of trouble and took it. (46-52) Reverend Hale being in such a high demand for many different towns only adds to his high self-image and how he thinks what he is doing is for God.
There is really no one that can tell Reverend Hale that he is wrong for saying that they are witches because once someone has been accused they are hung unless they lie and say that they are a witch. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to tell Reverend Hale that what he is doing is wrong, so...

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