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The Good Vs. Evil Of Slavery

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During the early mid-1800s, the perspective of slavery was altering and became a hostile wedge between the regions of the United States. Abolitionist in the North believed slavery to be morally wrong, but benefited from the cotton produced by slaves in the South. The South was acquiring economic benefits that slavery was supplying them with, but were too blind with power to see the terrible thing they were doing. While during the years of 1830-1860 both regions benefited from slavery, their point of view on the issue was entirely different.
Slavery was very beneficial to the South. They did not want to end slavery because it had become a luxury for them. Slaves worked out in the fields all day long and their master reaped the rewards their labor provided. Blacks were seen as inferiors to whites, and the Southerners did not want them to ever be viewed as an equal to themselves. (Doc I) They justified slavery as a good thing by stating it was a necessity for the South’s economy. (Doc B) Their cotton cultivation benefited many in the United States and was the South’s main economic staple. (Doc E) Without slavery, the luxury of free slave labor would be gone, turning the Southerner’s world upside down.
Southerns did their best to indoctrinate not only their slaves to believe they were “lucky,” but themselves as well. Southerns argued that slaves residing in the United States lived better lives than slaves in other countries; such as, England and Ireland. (Doc A) To an extent, this could be viewed as true. Most slaves in the South were raised in stable two-parent households and rarely lash beaten. They were excused from the more dangerous jobs; such as, putting a roof on a house or blasting a mine. These jobs were reserved for the less valuable Irish immigrants. While the Southern states may have insisted that their slaves fared better than those in English and Irish countries, they were still patronized by the Southerners. Every black was assumed to be a slave until prove free. Even so, those with freedom would see it to torn up right before their eyes as a Southerner ripped their...

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