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The Great Whale Project Essay

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Great Whale Project:
The Great Whale Project was the second phase of the James Bay hydroelectric project. In 1986 the province of Québec announced that it was going to build a hydroelectric dam on the Great whale River. The reason that this was a Canadian issue was because the first phase of the James Bay hydroelectric project was a complete environmental disaster. It flooded 10,000 square kilometers of land, released a lot of mercury into the water, and even caused a village to relocate. The Cree people were opposed to be Great will project and the announcement was followed by many protest Will including paddling a canoe to New York City.
The three main groups of people involved in this issue was Québec Hydro, the Cree people, And Inuit people. Québec Hydro’s point of view was that they could make a lot of money off of the Great Whale River because it flowed so quickly and had so many places dammed. The Cree peoples and Inuit people’s point of view was that the teams Bay project with such an environmental disaster that they couldn’t see the happened to the Great whale River. The gray whale river was one of the last glacial carved free-flowing river in Canada are and damming it would cause many more square kilometers to be flooded.

Some advantages of the Great Whale Project were that it would create new jobs, it would lift the economy, make more money than they were already making, and generate 3168 megawatts of electricity. Most to the disadvantages of the Great Whale Project were Environmental. The main disadvantage that concerned people was that it would flood the size of the Balearic Islands (4,400 km2). The following disadvantages were effects that the James Bay Project had, but would happen again if the Great Whale River was dammed. The Great Whale Project would release mercury into the water, reversal of river flow patterns, changes in water...

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