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According to Webster’s Dictionary “a hero is someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” Is a hero based on all of those characteristics or just one? A hero could be anyone, from your mom to just some homeless guy on the street. As long as that one person as the characteristics of courage, noble qualities and some outstanding achievement, then they could be a “hero.” In the movie The Mummy, there is Rick O’ Connell. Rick is a man who you think you cannot depend on, but then you realize he is not what you thought he truly is. Although, there is Odysseus in the novel The Odyssey. Odysseus is King of Ithaca, he is already considered a strong ...view middle of the document...

As Rick survived the War, he began to leave the desert never to return. Three years later Evy, an Egyptologist, had a brother who stole an old Egyptian key for a stranger. Evy knew it was something spectacular, therefore she plays with it and find a map. Later on Evy has her brother, John, find this man of whom he stole this key from. In more words, Evy found him and he promised to take her to Hamunaptra if she got him out of jail. Evy, being the Egypt freak she is, got Rick out of jail and he took her to Hamunaptra. All while this was happening, Odysseus was still fighting in the Trojan War for ten more years which eventually, Odysseus and his team won and got to go home. Not quite for Odysseus and his men. The gods were angry with the way the Greeks behaved, so for another ten years Odysseus and his men went through perilous voyages of sea storms and hypnotic flowers. Although both of these men’s adventures were both dangerous and ambiguous, Ricks journey was by far the more complicated, just because he had untrained helpers and he did not know what was truly in store for him.
Both of these heroes had a significant return with an elixir. There were some similarities when Odysseus and Rick both returned with an elixir, such as both Odysseus and Rick get the girl. Odysseus got his wife back and Rick gains a new girlfriend Evy. They both also get treasure, Rick manages to save some of the precious gold and jewels from Hamunaptra while on the road back Odysseus get many gifts from the Phaiecens, which included gold and jewels as well. The difference between their two elixirs are Odysseus did not see the world he wanted to see. All Odysseus saw was a world of water and islands with people who just wanted him to not leave. All the while Rick was in the majestic land he always wanted to be a part of. Rick was in the position to live his desired wish, while Odysseus was just floating on the waves that his enemy, Poseidon, made for him. In few words, Rick was able to enjoy his trip to and from Hamunaptra because that was his wish to go there, this mad him superior over Odysseus.
Odysseus had many enemies such as, Poseidon (god of the sea), Zeus (god of the sky and ruler of other gods), Circe (goddess, enchantress), and the suitors (men who are trying to marry Odysseus’ wife). Odysseus’ enemies were certainly powerful, the gods could hypnotize, and control the seas. Odysseus had to go through ten years of pain through these enemies and struggle to get to his one true love. As of Ricks enemies, which are, Imhotep (high priest), Anck-su-namun...

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