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The Greater Danger Essay

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Many people in the 21st century have the issue of being insecure with their skills, and aiming too low and not achieving goals to the fullest extent. It’s important to set goals above your comfort zone, and grow and learn as you go. Unless goals are set above the level of comfort, it will be harder to grow and learn new abilities. There are three fundamental parts/issues that ties into reaching goals: if I were to set a goal at a level where I know I can reach it, I’m not going to climb any higher, individuals need to explore their skill sets and find out what they can and cannot do, everyone can reach the lower points of goals, but only the ones who aim for the highest are going to reach the highest success in life.
Most people in our culture set goals at what they absolutely know they can achieve. The foreign concept of setting goals that seem out of reach and achieving them, is not really a huge part of the western culture's lifestyle anymore. Part of the reason is because we have everything handed to us, so there is no need to achieve any better than our current conditions, another part being our culture creates high levels of insecurity; anything you think of doing, someone on the media has already done it quicker and better. The few people who do aim higher are more successful, and stand out more than the average person. An example would be Donald Trump, the level of wealth and publicity he received was/is tremendous, even though when he started his companies, hundreds of other people were trying the same thing -- he rose above the competition. Even though many would argue his head looks like it has a skunk tail sitting on top, and he doesn’t know anything -- what’s important is he aimed high and reached high, which is something very few people can say they did. The next element is people need to explore their skills to find out what they can and cannot do.
In order to reach the most success in life, a process of...

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