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The Greatest When you think of Muhammad Ali, what is the first thing to pop into your head? For me it is undeniable "Greatness"; he defines the sport of boxing. After I found Ali's biography and a couple of internet sites on him, I went to the Cameron Park library to take notes and do a little more research. On my quest I discovered a great deal about the research process such as its a good idea to take notes on many different resources like biographies, the internet, and magazines. This way I can get all my ideas and factual information all organized. From all this new information I just received I had everything I needed to write a great research paper. I gained an abundance of helpful facts and info about Muhammad Ali's life and history as a boxer.Muhammad Ali started his boxing career at a very young age and dedicated most of his life to be the Greatest boxer of all time. During the research portion of this paper I learned that Muhammad Ali was not always his real name it was Cassius Clay from Louisville, Kentucky. Ali was also a very vocal man, he knew he was a very talented boxer and made sure everyone else knew it as well. Ali had a lot of support from his family and friends, his trainer and good friend said to him "Not only are you going to take the Golden Gloves, you'll take the Olympic gold medal in Rome". Muhammad didn't lose often but when he would lose it was a huge deal. The spiritual part of his life was very important to him and he took it very seriously. Muhammad Ali is without a doubt the Greatest boxer of all time and always be the greatest in my mind. Cassius Clay (a.k.a. Muhammad Ali) was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He started his boxing career at a very young age. Clay fought as an amateur from 1956-1960 and won 100 matches before he was named the light-heavyweight gold medalist in the 1960 Olympics. He turned pro and by 1963 he won his first 19 fights with no defeats. In 1964 he won world heavyweight championship with a stunning defeat of Sonny Liston one of the most respected boxers during that time period. After the Sonny Liston fight Cassius Clay announced that he was a Muslim and his name had been changed to Muhammad Ali by the honorable Elija Muhammad. After defending the championship nine times within two years, Ali was stripped of his title for refusal into the U.S. Army based on religious beliefs. This event earned Muhammad Ali lots of respect and anger from all types of different people. Ali didn't fight again for three and a half years until a devastating loss to Joe Frazier. Not until 1974 did Muhammad Ali regain the title with a George Foreman defeat in Africa. He defended his title for another 10 times before loosing to Leon Spinks in 1978. Later that year he defeated Spinks and became the first boxer to ever regain the championship twice. Muhammad Ali had a monumental boxing career that could never be toped. One aspect of Muhammad Ali's life that contributes to his...

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