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“The Greatest Generation”: A Study Of World War Ii Technology

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“The Greatest Generation”: A Study of World War II Technology
To some, World War II may seem like a great war that happened a long time ago, a war where however great the innovations during the war were, they are much out of date now, and so they have no impact on today’s world. But to another, who understand the world and how it grows, realize that wherever a nation is, it is in that position because of its history. This means that without all of the improvements of technology during World War II, the world as we know it today would be very much different on many levels. One of the levels which has a great impact on today’s world would be the improvements of technology. But as what was ...view middle of the document...

The solution was presented in the form of an automobile. The first real “tank” was the British Mark I, which was a massive beast of a machine, it held two 6-pounder cannons, and three 8mm machine guns. For its time, it was very intimidating because of its sheer size and the fact that nothing like it had been seen before. It was able to deflect small arms fire, and therefore provided the protection necessity. It also was able to trample trenches. This allowed soldiers to go behind enemy lines, by force, and lead an invasion force into the enemy trenches. Another great invention during WWI was the flamethrower, this was essential with clearing out trenches, as people are clumped together, the area of effect power of the flamethrower was truly on display. It could kill all of the inhabitants of the bunkers and trenches without doing structural damage as with grenades. Another advancement that is the quintessence of the image of WWI is the invention of poison gas. WWI was the first and last great use of poison gas on a massive scale. It was devastating because there are two options when the gas is thrown, you either die, or you run away as fast as you can. And either way, you have to leave your defenses. This allows the enemy to rush in, with their gas masks, making them immune to the horrid gas, and take your position, pushing them back further. That is great in theory, but it turns out that there was more of a development of just misery, rather than actual ground being captured. This was because gas masks could out develop the new compounds, so those with gas masks were safe, and could hold off the attackers. But those without having the misery of dying that way. The developments of WWI could be studied in great detail, but the main content of this paper focuses on the technology during WWII. This is not to put off those developments during WWI, as what was said before, the new technology is only as great as what has come before them. But to completely understand the scope of how great something is, one must look to the past.
Now to look at WWII. To start, one must understand why all of these developments were a necessity, and to understand that, one must understand why WWII started. In the beginning, no one really wanted war per say, but Hitler did want land, as a repayment for the unfair treatment at the Treaty of Versailles. At first this excused was allowed. He took Austria, and Czechoslovakia. This was allowed because the powers of England and France did not feel that it was a large enough offense to repeat the bloodshed of WWI. They thought that once Hitler had gotten sufficient revenge, hopefully through only a few countries, he would stop his advance, but no, he did not, Hitler wanted all of Europe. Once he saw that England and France would not attack him, he tried taking France as well, but to make sure the USSR would not attack him, he made a non-aggression...

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