"The Greatest Generation" By Tom Brokaw.

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The achievements and significance the post World War II generation had on America as it is today is remarkable. In Tom Brokaw's book, The Greatest Generation, he describes in a very personal and detailed way, the lives of a handful of World War II veterans, some famous and others unknown, but all had a great impact on our lives.Throughout the book, Brokaw is trying to illustrate to us how these men delivered under enormous and constant pressure, and he does so effectively throughout this book. The men and women described in this book displayed an almost unfathomable amount of courage. All the veterans that Brokaw speaks about have these characteristics and exemplify them through their service with the military. A prime example of this is Dr. Charles Van Gorder. On D-Day, June 6, 1944, Van Gorder set up an operation room in the storage room of a French chateau, and he operated for thirty-six hours straight while bullets zoomed by. He worked under constant fire to help save lives and through his valor, many Americans were able to go home and see their families after the war. Another example of bravery is the story of Joe Foss, a Marine Pilot who single-handedly shot down twenty-six enemy planes during his time, and once had to swim for twelve hours in order to be rescued by American Forces. Without delay, Joe was back in the air a few days later. The courage he showed after going through such an ordeal exemplifies the type of individual that makes up the "greatest generation". Courage was a virtue that was found in most if not all of the men who fought for our country in Vietnam.During World War II, an astounding amount of women also played an extremely crucial part in the war. One such woman, Marion Rivers, experienced an extremely sudden change in her daily life during the time that the war was brewing. She was a typical working wife, her life was centered on her family, her job, and her small city of Attleboro, Massachusetts, until the war caught up to America. Then the company for which she worked, General Plate Division of Metals and Controls Corporation, was immediately...

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