The Greatest Journey (An Analysis Of The Relationship Between Myself And The “Journey Of The Magi”)

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When this writing assignment was given to me, I sat and pondered about the three poems by T.S. Elliot, “Preludes” Journey of the Magi” and “The Hollow Men” and I wondered about which poem I connected easiest with. I observed the poem, “Preludes” when I read the lines, “And newspapers from vacant lots…at the corner of the street…a lonely cab-horse steams and stamps” (Elliot, Preludes, page 1156 lines 8-11) in which I realized they were in a bustling city. I thought to myself, since living in a small town all my life, that in the end I would not be able to easily connect with this piece of poetry. Then in flipping a couple of pages and finding the poem, “The Hollow Men” and after reading this ...view middle of the document...

The poem itself was easier to understand already knowing the background story. It is a common story, and it is quite easy to understand, where three men are sent on this perilous journey during, “the worst time of the year, for a journey, and such a long journey.” (Elliot, Journey of the Magi, page 1158, lines 2-3) Since hearing this story throughout my youth I was able to connect with the actual poem now in my young adult life.
The next major part of “Journey of the Magi” that was easy for me to connect to the poem is that this poem is based on a religious story. Being raised Roman Catholic, I have not only heard of this story from my family, but also my religious instructors. This being a religious story makes me feel more of a connection to it. There is almost a sense of pride from hearing this story in a school text book, knowing that there is a faith behind the meaning of it. This along with the fact that this religious story was taught and told at my Wednesday night and Sunday school helps me relate to the poem better. I guarantee that if I were to have no previous religious foundation this poem by T.S. Elliot would not be the one I am writing about now. In fact with this poem having a more upbeat sort of feeling, coming from the story behind it makes it a happier poem than the rest. Although the poem is mainly about the hard travels of the magi, I knowing that in the end there is a happier meaning to the poem.
The final reason that I can more easily connect with this poem is that I can understand the hardship of travel from the magi. The poem states, “there were times we regretted,” (Elliot, Journey, page...

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