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The Greatest Man To Walk The Earth; Jesus Christ

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Can you imagine being an outcast? What about discovering that you are the son of God? How would it feel to have people who you do not even know try to harm and possibly even kill you for protecting mankind? Could you stay strong through it all? One person did not have to imagine this, and that person was named Jesus Christ. Although Jesus went through all these awful things, and more, he still managed to show strength and willingness. These details about Jesus have led to a very obvious question: What qualities does Jesus have that helped affect people around the world? In order to answer this question, two main points must be addressed: Jesus Christ’s Strength; the strength he presented in his personal life, the strength of his followers, and last but not least his willingness to love and forgive unconditionally. Once these points are addressed, it can be clear that Jesus Christ showed an abundance amount of strength and willingness; not only in his personal life, but also in the lives of his followers.
Clearly, strength is a quality that was displayed in Jesus Christ’s life, and because of his guidance it is also shown in the life of his followers. One well known story from the New Testament in the Bible was titled The Garden of Gethsemane; the story is about Jesus praying to God in the garden. When he had arrived to the garden, he dropped to the ground on his knees and face, and cried out to God. Jesus was very worried about being put to death, also about him and his disciples falling into temptation, to the point where he was in a bloody sweat. Many of Jesus’ disciples there along with him at the garden and prayed for him not to be crucified or even injured, but not nearly as extensive as Jesus did. Jesus Christ prayed all day and all night, into the next morning for his life to be spared. Even though Jesus went through the struggle of praying day and night, he was still executed. Could you imagine having no food or drink and not even one wink of sleep for up to more than 24 hours? Also being down on your knees all day and night praying? Believe it or not, Jesus did it. Not only did Jesus show physical strength in this story, but he also showed mental strength. Throughout the time period when he was praying Jesus exclaimed, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.” Although Jesus Christ knew exactly what his future held, which was death, he remained strong and courageous through all the many, difficult obstacles laid upon him. Could you or would you? In fact, many of Jesus Christ’s followers have showed some of the same wonderful qualities Jesus displayed. Interestingly, “Of the roughly 5 billion people in the world, there however is more than 1.5 billion - 33 percent of the world’s population - are Christians.” (Brown 10) What this fact shows is that Jesus sacrifices and strength has inspired numerous others in their own personal lives.
Jesus’ strength has had a...

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