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The Greatest President In Us History

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Why was William J. Clinton, also known as Bill Clinton, the greatest president in American history? Being the forty-second president and the first democratic to be in office since 1981, Clinton had a lot of pressure and a lot to live up to (Neumann 1). Clinton had promised to reduce the federal government's budget, increase public investment, lower poverty rates, lower teen birth rate and infant mortality; lower crime rate, ban homosexuals of not being able to serve in the military, and create a more efficient foreign policy (Neumann 1).
Once President Clinton was in office, he immediately set to work on reducing the federal government debt (Neumann 1). To decrease the debt, Clinton wrote a ...view middle of the document...

When Congress passed President Clinton's Economic Plan, the poverty rate decreased from 15.1 to 11.8, which is the lowest six year drop in thirty years (“The” 3). Now there is seven million fewer people in poverty, and the child poverty dropped more than twenty-five percent(“The” 3). For single mothers, african americans, and elderly , the poverty rate has been the lowest on records; and for hispanics it has been the lowest since 1979 (“The” 3).
In President Clinton's State of Union speech he spoke out to help stop teen pregnancy (“The” 3). The birth rate for teen pregnancy from the ages 15-19 went down for every year he was in office (“The” 3). Teen pregnancy went from 60.7 in 1993 to 49.6 in 1999, which is the lowest percentage on record (“The” 3). Also, when Clinton was in the office he wanted to expand efforts to get newborns and mothers health care; today, 82 percent of all mothers get prenatal care (“The” 3). The infant mortality rate has went down to the record level of 7.2 deaths in 1998 instead of 8.2 in 1992 (“The” 3).
Since President Clinton made an anti-crime strategy of tougher penalties, more police officers, and safety laws on guns, the crime rate went down every year he was in office (“The” 2). Bill Clinton made a new action to fund for 100,000 more police officers; it was part of the 1994 crime bill (“The” 2). Also, gun crime decreased 40 percent since 1992 because Clinton signed the Brady bill in 1993 (“The” 2). The Brady bill stopped more than 600,000 felons, fugitives, and prohibited other people from buying guns (“The” 2).
Clinton wanted to get homosexuals to be able to join the military, but the military officials, members of congress, and the general public did not like the idea (Neumann 2). After a drawn-out debate with congress, Clinton altered his original position (Neumann 2). It said that homosexuals could serve in the military as long as they...

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