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The Greatest Story ever told

Arthur Miller is the author to The Crucible; a play set in Massachusetts during the witch-hunts of the 1690s. The townspeople accused others of being witches they would later be tried and hanged. If they agreed to being a witch they were to be set free. One main character is John Proctor. Due to his high pride, when he was accused, he would not give up his own name and say that he was a witch. He is a true tragic hero because of one error in his life which he made led to his downfall.
First, the most important event of the play is John’s sin of adultery. In lust of passion John wandered from his sick wife and found himself in bed with Abigail Williams, his house servant. His wife, Elizabeth, would later of his infidelity and forgave him, but he never forgave himself. Also, Abigail was in love with John and believed that he had feelings for her also, but John was happy with his wife. Abigail and some of her friends went to the forest to call upon the Devil that was how the whole thing got started. Abigail thought that if John’s wife was dead John would come running with open arms. Abigail knew of only one way to kill Elizabeth and that was through the devil and attempted witchcraft. John knew that the girls had been dancing in the forest, and Abigail told him that it was all fun and games. John knew that Abigail had been up to no good but he didn’t try to stop the girls from lying about the many people they claimed to “see walking the devil”. John allowed the girls to go on accusing innocent people when he knew that they were lying. This is also one of John’s mistakes by letting them get away with this; it ultimately led to his demise.

John had to now battle evil and was defeated. For example, when Elizabeth was sent to jail for witchcraft, John got Mary Warren to take action. He went to court, with Giles and Mary Warren to prove Abigail’s accusations were of ill repute. John brought Giles and Giles had a petition signed by the townspeople stating that both Elizabeth and Martha Corey, also accused, were ordinary, innocent, gentle people, and could not possibly be witches. John brought Mary to confess all the things that she and the girls have been doing is all made up. After Danforth refused the petition, John is forced confessed to his affair in order ruin Abigail’s name and appearance. Testifying to having an affair with Abigail was the only way to prove that she had a motive to lie. John then argued what better a reason is there than revenge? She wanted revenge upon Elizabeth, due to the fact that Abigail believed that Elizabeth was the only person stopping John from being with her. Thereafter, Abigail convinced the court to believe John Proctor was lying. Left with no other choice, John advised Mary Warren to come clean that she and the other girls had been falsely accusing the townspeople the whole time. Mary tried to tell the court the trust, but...

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