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The Greek God of sleep was given the name Hypnosis (Barrett, 2010). The term “hypnosis” simply means that a person is placed in a relaxed state of mind and body. The person is open to suggestions that might cause him or her to believe what the hypnotist says. When a person is in a deep state of hypnosis, he or she might experience amnesia and/or hallucinations. Just how deep a person will be hypnotized is dependent on the person’s state of mind and how readily the person is able to accept the power of suggestion (Banyan, 2014). The art of hypnosis was first used by the Egyptians during the fourth century B.C. The art was rediscovered in eighteenth-century Europe when Franz Anton Mesmer, a Vietnamese physician, used the art to put groups of people into a hypnotic state or trance in the pursuit of curing hysteria. Western medicine gave a name to what Mesmer did, and they called it, “mesmerism” (Barrett, 2010). Hypnosis is a unique skill that is still practiced today by some psychologists and psychotherapists to help clients overcome various addictions or deal with overwhelming life issues by utilizing the mighty power of suggestion. There are numerous types of hypnosis, but the three main types of hypnosis are Classical Hypnosis, New Hypnosis, and Humanist Hypnosis.
Classical hypnotism is simply used for entertainment purposes, most of the time. This original form of hypnotism has been around for many years, but it still only works on about 10 percent of the population. The art of hypnotism was probably a big hit during the Vaudeville days of the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s and can still be seen today as a showcased attraction in circus performances and other stage acts. The hypnotist is usually very loud and demanding. The crowd perceives the hypnotist to be a person of authority. During the act, the hypnotist will make suggestions to the crowd. He will give them orders to squawk like a bird or to perform some other hilarious act, to entertain the people in the crowd that could not be mesmerized. The people in the audience that are the most open to the power of suggestion will immediately do as the hypnotist has commanded but will stop performing the act when the hypnotist tells them to. When the hypnotism is over, the people return to their normal self and usually report feeling energized and well rested; they probably also wonder what everyone else in the crowd is laughing about! People often question if they will lose control if they are hypnotized? The answer is “No”. According to Vincent (2013), only 10 percent of the brain is actually the conscious part of human functioning. This area of the brain keeps the person aware of what is going on around them, but hypnosis gives a person the ability to reach every part of the human mind, even the unconscious 90 percent. The person under hypnosis is always aware of what is happening to them and of what is going on around them. The person under hypnosis cannot be forced to...

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