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The Greek Gods The Big Three Essay

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The ancient Greeks worshiped gods-just like the Egyptians-for different reasons altogether. Yet each god had their own importance to the world, they believed Apollo would drive his chariot across the skies to bring light to the world, and Aphrodite would keep people in love of what they are doing and love for other people, just to name two gods and their reasons. Zeus was the most powerful god, ruler of the skies, overseer of oaths, and bringer of the downfall of the Titans. Poseidon was the second most powerful god, ruler of the sea, creator of the horse, earth shaker, and storm bringer. Hades was the third most powerful god, ruler of the underworld, controller of the dead, and keeper of the earth’s riches. Out of all of the 12 major gods, these three gods were the most powerful and influential in the Greek belief, called the big three.
As the order of most powerful to least powerful goes, Zeus was the most powerful god. Zeus was born from the titans Kronos and Rhea, but a prophecy said that one of his children would overthrow Kronos, so he swallowed his children one by one that Rhea gave birth. Rhea was furious. The next child she bore, named Zeus by her and was hidden in a cave on the island Crete. Rhea then came back and tricked Kronos by giving him a rock dressed as Zeus. Kronos swallowed that without hesitation, thinking it was another son of his. After Zeus grew up, Rhea and him gave his father a special drink that would regurgitate the children Kronos ate, a concoction of mustard and honey. Since the children were immortal, they weren’t digested fully and grew inside Kronos’ stomach. When he drank the drink he regurgitated all the children, including the rock that Rhea gave him instead for Zeus. Strike after strike, the gods fought against the titans, the gods themselves could not defeat the titans, so Zeus had made an alliance with the Cyclopes and hundred handed ones. Kronos was chopped up into many pieces and sent away to the deepest and cramped corners of the earth. Together the gods and Cyclopes and hundred handed ones conquered the titan’s rule. When peace was restored, the Earth was left to control. In a game of dice, Zeus won most of the power and chose the sky as his domain, and the rest of the earth was left as commonwealth once Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades had chosen their option of place to rule.
Poseidon was the second most powerful god. Even though Poseidon lost along with Hades in the game of dice for domains, he didn’t care, he was happy that he still got the choice of domain that he would have gotten if he won, the sea. When Zeus won, he smiled and laughed because since Zeus chose the sky for his domain, it had nothing in it, Poseidon knew Zeus wanted it so he could be “at the top”. The sea god was very traveling and had many children. Once Poseidon once hotly pursued Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, so to calm his blind love, she made him create the most beautiful land animal ever seen. She thought it was safe since...

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