The Green Anole (Anolis Carolinis): Physique, Mating, And Needs. Small Reptile Care.

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Reptiles manage to endure as one of the most fascinating types of creatures on earth. One of the most commonly found reptiles in southern United States is the Green Anole, or Anolis Carolinis. The life of one of these unique creatures comprises of numerous intriguing physical properties, interesting mating behavior, and invigorating physical needs.Overall, the physical characteristics of a Green Anole interest many. Out of over 300 species of anoles, Anolis Carolinis is the only one native to the United States. Dozens of different species of anoles have also been introduced to their area. One of the most intriguing characteristics of anoles is their color-changing ability. A marvelous bright green hue when they feel happiness, excitement, and warmth. However, when they feel severely stressed, cold, or sick, the drudging shade of brown will appear. The brown can vary from a pleasant light brown-green to a horrible sickly shade of the darkest brown. Anoles are quite small; in fact, their Snout-Tail Length, or STL, is only around 5 inches long for females, while it is 7 inches for males. In the wild, they may reach as long as 9 inches long. Their tails account for much of their length, and when grabbed, their tail will actually fall off. The anole can release it to escape and grow it back, though not at long, which is called autonomy.Some of the Green Anole's fantastic characteristics are also shown with their mating behavior. When a male wants to show he is dominant, he will display his flamboyant red dewlap, a flap of skin about a centimeter long under his neck. He will show this to males he wants to scare away, or to females in which he wants to woo. Another aggressive behavior of them is to do "pushups", bobbing their heads....

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