The Green Bottle Essay

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I ran. My bare feet smacked the damp out of the sand, spraying my legs as I ran. The red faceless moon laughed spitefully at me, the fiery glow no longer looked wondrous. My lungs felt heavy; I choked struggling for breath. But I couldn’t stop running.
I stood alone on the Spanish beach of Torredembarra. The tide bowed before the sand carrying the inky reflection of the twilight sky. The rhythmic lapping of the sea whispered to me, coaxing the secrets from my defenceless mind. I stared out into the endless ocean transfixed by its depth. It made me think how old the salty waters are and wonder how many other souls have stood before it senselessly confessing their unspoken troubles mesmerised ...view middle of the document...

A note that could contain the secrets of a long forgotten being. I squinted, irritated at the pathetic smoulder of light that was not enough to read the note. I could only just make out a name. Shock pulsed through my veins like poison. I knew that name. I tried to grab at the fading memories. It was like trying to catch the wisps of a falling cloud. Useless. The icy waves washed over my toes distracting me so I did not see the ghostly figure reflected in the water bellow me.
A coarse hand spun me round, another clamped over my mouth preventing the woeful cry escaping my lungs. A thousand horrifying thoughts flashed through my mind. My heart wailed and sprang against my rib cage I dared to glance at the figures face. Cold fear paralysed me; I was frozen like ice forever gazing at the terrifying face. They wore a mask. A mask with blood red eyes matching the sinister scowl of the unforgiving moon. They raise a hand. I flinched as it swooped down and snatched the glass bottle form my grasp. I struggle hopelessly like a mouse...

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