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The Green Change Essay

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With high gas prices that are still on the climb, it may be time to switch to a different type of fuel for your vehicle. E85 could possibly be the answer. E85 is eighty-five percent denatured ethanol and fifteen percent gasoline. This blend of ethanol and gasoline is cheaper while providing a higher-octane level than conventional gasoline and will reduce the addiction to foreign oil while boosting the American economy.

E85 has taken awhile to catch on in the states due to our addiction to foreign oil. In 1970 we imported 24% of our oil, now we import 70% and it is still growing. Prices fluctuate which is usually out of the consumer’s hands. Gas prices from July 2007 to July 2008 rose from $3.01 to $4.11 a 37% increase. (Economics and Statistics Administration) During this time consumers only reduced their gasoline purchase by 7%, during a time when the economy was slowing. For every 10-cent rise in gasoline prices the average household takes a $7 hit a month. (Economics and Statistics Administration) This hit of $7 a month didn’t slow the purchase of gasoline down too much do to the distance a household travels in a month for, work, school and necessary errands. When the fossil fuel oil runs out the world will only be left with coal. (Perera, Frederica P. 987-990) According to the new modified Klass model shows the life span of fossil fuels of the world. By the year 2040 oil will have been completely depleted only leaving coal. (Shahriar, Shafiee, Erkan Topal 181-189) When the oil does run out there are very few ways to run an automobile with out oil. Electricity is one option but poses problems, to fully charge the vehicle could take 10-12 hours. This problem of taking hours to recharge a vehicle is impractical, when the general public is used to taking 3-5 minutes to refuel their vehicle. Car manufactures have developed quick charge stations but these are even scarcer than ethanol stations. This limits the drivers even more from locations they can travel to in a day. Solar powered vehicles don’t have a lot of potential since they run strictly on solar power. This power source limits the owner from when and where they can drive to. The vehicle themselves are also impractical from: size, looks, handling and speed.
Sweden has proposed to be completely green by 2020 and have oil free economy. To achieve this are starting to use renewable energy, which includes using ethanol-based fuels at a third of the cost of gasoline. In 2003 it was recorded that 32% of Sweden’s power came from oil, in 1970 that percent was up to 77%. (West, Larry) Former leader of Swedish Social Democratic Party Mona Sahlin stated "A Sweden free of fossil fuels would give us enormous advantages, not least by reducing the impact from fluctuations in oil prices," she said. "The price of oil has tripled since 1996."(West, Larry) The goal Sweden set for them of being completely oil free is a big goal for the country. This is the same when JFK said that the American people were...

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