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The Green Jackal Fish Essay

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I was on a trip to Australia. When I went there I had a goal set in mind, which was to go and see all the different types of fish. While I was on the boat, I also brought a friend who is a marine biologist, named Joe. I had my fishing line out, then I felt a slight tug, but then it got harder, until I asked Joe to come help me. When we brought it out of the water we were surprised since it was nothing I had ever seen and my friend Joe looked puzzled not for the same reason as me, but for why it was here. He said that the fish I caught was called a Green Jackal fish.
Joe explained that the Green Jackal fish does live in the Sunlight Zone, but not out in the open sea, which was where we found it. The fish lives in the Great Barrier Reef, which he said was a coral reef. The reason it lives there as a result of the life there is very abundant and it also uses the many coral structures as homes, another thing is that it can live in the larger sea anemones. The fish lives all over the Great Barrier Reef which includes the smaller Murray Islands. It also lives from Torres Strait between Lady Elliot Island and Fraser Island.
The Green Jackal is an apex predator, one of the top carnivores in the Great Barrier Reef. It can sometimes when food is scarce go after like Moray Eels, Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, and rarely Tiger Sharks. Its main predator is the Tiger Shark, but Tiger Sharks try to avoid consuming the Green Jackal fish because its deadly blood, which contains poison, causes the host who ate it to soon die from tissue decay and organ failure. The fish eats Dugong, Short Spined Urchin, 11-Armed Sea star, Pink Anemone Fish, Blue-ringed octopus, and Clownfish.
The Green Jackal fish is a lone fish. They are rarely found in schools, but if they were born together, because they are born alive, they might form a hunting pod. The fish is very territorial for mating purposes, the reason for this is the fact that they...

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