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The Green Movement Essay

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In the article “Why Go Green” by the Association of Green Property Owners and Managers, I learned that embracing environmentally habits now can influence cost savings and produce a definite return on investments in the future. Going green has financial, community, and environmental benefits (Association of Green Property Owners and Managers, 2009).
The financial benefits include: reduction of energy, water, and maintenance costs, businesses that go green are looked upon more favorably, and the employees are these businesses are more productive, happier, and lack absenteeism (Association of Green Property Owners and Managers, 2009). The community benefits include: reduction in health ...view middle of the document...

Each facility that obtains a green certification has many benefits afforded to them: reduction in operating costs, increase in property value, increase in employee health and work output, qualifies for regulatory incentives, and can market their “green” facility (Association of Green Property Owners and Managers, 2009).
I am all for the green movement at home and in the work environment. Although, the initial start up of the green movement can be costly, however the changes will pay off in the upcoming years. Many companies are making changes to satisfy and meet the demands of the consumers. I prefer organically grown food, non-toxic cleaning products, and I recycle plastic and aluminum cans as much as possible. The green movement has many benefits: reduces waste, pollution, and improve the quality of air. Many restaurants are promoting and offering a healthier alternative on their menus. Being eco-friendly will minimize the negative impact on the Earth. Many companies are producing energy efficient appliances that use less electricity and water, but cost more than the traditional appliances. The green movement saves money, promotes healthy living and sustainability. The internal revenue services are offering tax deductible incentives for those who buy energy efficient appliances and hybrid cars when taxes are filed. The green movement can help me progress professionally by promoting a healthier work environment, which will eliminate me using my sick days, increase my work performance and less money is being paid by the medical insurance...

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