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The Green Movement Helps Essay

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There is a quote by a man named David Battisti, who directs the UW’s Earth Initiative. Director Battisti stated, “average global temperatures for the past million years have never been more than 2-4 degrees higher than now. If greenhouse emissions continue unchecked, temperatures would likely be higher by the end of this century than any time since the human species evolved.”(Doughton). In a nutshell, David is saying that there is no way to predict the height climate change can grow to if left unchecked. Since temperatures have never reached past a few degrees, how can predictions be made to see what catastrophes may befall us in the event of temperatures reaching higher than they have ever been? Today information will be presented to show what happening to our planet, then more information will be given concerning statistics to show how living a green lifestyle can benefit our environment.
Earth is getting hotter. Almost every scientist agrees with this consensus. In fact with the dozen climate models in use today, almost all predict average temperature increases of about 3-11 degrees by the end of the century. This doesn’t seem too bad though, but keep in mind that it only took a drop of 10 degrees to encase much of North America in mile deep glaciers during the ice age(Doughton). Earth heating up can result in many different national calamities. One big disaster that can somewhat correlate with rising temperatures is wildfires. They match up with rising climates for 2 reasons. For one, hotter climates result in drier forests and grasses. Secondly, hotter air creates more lightning than cooler air. When you put these two together you get a wildfire(Gore). If fact from the year 1980-1989 there were only about 10 major wildfires. Then just 10 years later in 1990-2000 there were about 40 major wildfires that occurred(Gore).
Now that I told you what is happening to the Earth I’m gonna prove that living a green lifestyle can help correct the problem. From here on carbon dioxide will be heavily mentioned because this gas wis the one the general populous is most familiar with. The first thing people can accomplish to help Mother Nature is to just walk. For every gallon of gasoline that goes unused, Earth is then saved 20 pounds of carbon dioxide(West, Larry). Just an overall modest increase of walking or biking in the could save the U.S. about 3.8 billion gallons of gasoline per year.This means that the annual savings in carbon emissions could be about 33 million tons, which is the equivalent of about 10 coal power plant...

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