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The Green River Killer Essay

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Forensics has changed the way our criminal system works now. A lot of cases are being solved because of the development of forensics. Even cold cases are being brought up to the light to be investigated again and a good percentage of the cases are being solved and criminals are being brought to justice. The green river killer is one case that really got me intrigued into forensics and I got mesmerized by the techniques that are being used to catch murderers and other crimes being committed. The green river killer had an interesting childhood that led him to be a serial killer. He committed multiple murders on prostitutes and left there families with agony and pain. But advances in DNA ultimately led to his demise, police officers were able to capture and arrest him and bring justice to a lot of family’s mourning for their sisters, mothers, and daughters. His story is intriguing and is one that I would like to tell.
The green river killer was not always known by this title, before his capture in 2001 he was known as Gary Leon Ridgway. He was born in February 18 1949 in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Bio 2013) When he turned 11 years old his family moved to Washington, he was the middle of three boys and was brought up in a relatively poor household not too far from the state route 99 known as “the strip” where he kidnapped a lot of his victims. (Montaldo 2011) He was known as a loner to a lot of people who got the chance to know him and wasn’t exactly considered smart in school but once he hit puberty he began to develop some sexual feelings that were inappropriate toward his mother. (Montaldo 2011) As you can imagine that can cause a lot of distress in a young boy having sexual thoughts and feelings toward his mother and it didn’t help that his father had sex with prostitutes and sometimes young Ridgway was with him when he would pick them up to have sex. This can cause a lot of psychological damage knowing that this isn’t common and is highly frown upon in society to have sexual feelings towards someone in your family especially towards your mother. As a teenager he tried to commit murder, there was a 6 year old boy playing outside and he lured him into some bushes where no one could see him and without a cause he stabbed the boy in the stomach and wiped the blood of the blade of the knife on the little boys shirt. (Montaldo 2011) This must have been a trial run and an early indicator that this boy was disturbed and in need of some immediate help. Especially since he had no probable cause to stab the little boy knowing that he is vulnerable and can’t fight back. Ridgway’s childhood is far from ordinary he had a lot of psychological damage and if only his parents would have known they could have brought him to a psychiatrist to try and prevent what we all now him now as the green river killer.
Gary Ridgway was a truck painter and he had a special place where he would go and dump his victims; in and around the green river. The first body was discovered...

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