The Gremlin Armageddon Clock Essay

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The Gremlin Armageddon Clock
The spider weaves his web in thin air. A hornet flies with purpose through the air. His hive mind telling him to collect. Until the moment he realizes he is caught in the spider's web, A web so dense and powerful it forces him into a death rattle. Alarming the hibernating spider. One eye opens fixating on the hornet. Then a second eye, then a third, as all eight eyes bear down on the hornet. The spiders stomach groans in eminent pleasure. The hornet tries one last time to free him self. But there is no success to his desperate actions. The spiders legs have come to full rest on his web, Hovering over his meal, savoring every last bit of starvation he went through. Then fangs sink in deep into hornets flesh.

Chapter 1 Malcolm meets Durell.

Malcolm spots a large hill on the animal path he has been following. He followed this trail until mid afternoon. He must be close to the foot foothills of The Malta Mountain Range. Once he found the foothills he was just a week or so away from the port city Luna-mar.
Near the crest of the trail, he smells a distant cooking fire. Licking his finger and testing the air trying to get the direction of the prevailing winds. – it must becoming from the West. A curiosity turns into wonder who would be out here? Maybe hunter or trappers? Possibly people he could trade with? Since he is a well respected member of the Travelers Guild, the decision seems easy, he heads towards the foreign smells, of almost home cooking.
Now quietly moving through the dense undergrowth. It seems this forest floor has been traveled many times. Spotting two small hunting cabins in a clearing a few hundred yards away. He scans the area, looking for any movement. A large campfire with a large iron boiling pot is smoldering with red hot coals. Something many hunters utilize when they are tanning hides.
Cautiously sneaking within 10 yards of the camp. – Kneeling down, waiting to see if any one is home. A small man comes out of the first cabin. He looks like a meek fellow, With little muscle on him – He is flanked by one larger man, This man would be average size if it wasn’t for the small stature of the other man.
The Small man speaks in some foreign tongue that Malcolm can't understand. The taller man nods his head in agreement with the other. The taller man goes over to the boiling pot – adding more wood to the fire. The smaller man heads over to the second cabin – unlocking the door on it with a large iron key. A horrible sour smell comes out of the cabin. – It must be his meat house thinks Malcolm to himself. The taller man looks over his shoulder – observing two more men march into the campsite. They seem to be carrying a prisoner tied to a stick in old-fashioned cannibal style. The tall man turns to see the new arrivals. They look over the prisoner. He has suffered great wounds – bleeding from the head and legs. The men slam the man to ground and begin to shout...

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