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Look at them. Why are they happy? What do they look forward to? I will never be like that. They have excitement and happiness written all over their faces. I’m full of hatred and anger. I am Grendel, son of Cain. I am the fiercest creature that ever roamed the Earth. The Earth quaked at my birth, and the stars pitched into the sea (Nye 16). Imagine the scariest animal that you can think of. I scare those animals away. One peek at my green, scaly, slimy body, and they run away faster than you can say death. I live with the mists and the wolves. As I move, hate moves everywhere. Only a few people in the world actually like who I am, just like that drunken man, Unferth. As he said, “Grendel ...view middle of the document...

I peer at my arm. Blood pours out of my shoulder. It looks like a waterfall of blood. I clutch my arm and scramble out of the hall looking back to see Beowulf holding my arm in the air with a (uggh...I don’t want to say it) grin on his face. I know it’s a matter of time before I leave the face of this Earth. Curse you Beowulf! This is not over! Hopefully…
I sadly have died a horrible death because of that great “hero”, Beowulf. My mother is very sullen. I just know it. I feel it in my bones. I was the most fearful creature of all time, but now I am nothing. My mother is more daunting than I was. She lives in the darkest part of darkness in the fen. Its thick and scaly skin was as black as darkness. Animals ran away at the sight of the hissing creature. It slithers faster than any snake alive because it had tentacles that heaved the creature through the marshy land quicker than you can say Heorot. Its red lips dripped with green bile and gobbets of blood. Beowulf is having a grand feast while I am dead. They tell the story of Sigemund and the Fire Dragon. The poets of the land of the Danes believe that Beowulf is a hero, just like Sigemund. That is all nonsense. Soon they will realize how great I am and how foolish they are. My mother will avenge them. I know she will. She always gets what she wants.
Gladly their feast is over and they soon will fall asleep because they are all drunk. At that moment, she will rise from the fen and slither across the marshy land towards the Hall Heorot. She has arrived at that wretched place. Now she will attack. That is what she is good at. She glides into the hall and spots that man who adores monsters. Then she sets her eyes on what she is looking arm. Her quick, swift motions kills the man that wakes up, Aeschere. The king’s good friend. She gathers Unferth...

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