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The Grey Wolf’s, Canis Lupus : Help Stop The Extinction

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Help Stop the Extinction
The Grey Wolf’s, Canis Lupus (“Animal Fact Guide”), habitat can currently be found in the tundra, grasslands, forests, and some deserts ("Gray Wolf National Wildlife Federation"). Some areas include northern United States such as Alaska and Montana as well as Canada and some parts of Mexico (“Basic Facts about Gray Wolves”). The wolf mostly resides in these areas in hopes that it can find its prey easily. These animals include; beavers, elk, deer, rabbits, moose and caribou (“Animal Fact Guide”). But in the past seventy years the Grey Wolf’s population has been diminishing rapidly.
A Grey Wolf’s habitat can currently be found in the tundra, grasslands, forests, and some deserts ("Gray Wolf - National Wildlife Federation.")

The Grey wolf or Timber Wolf (“Animal Fact Guide”) existence is essential to the environment. By limiting other animal's population wolves can control the amount of one species in a given area. Thus giving each organism a normal amount of food to feed on. Like many other species in the wolf's external environment the Timber Wolf is a Consumer, this means that it can eat other species such as herbivores and even other carnivores (Nowicki 406). For example the Wolf consumes Elk. By eating the elk the wolf can prevent the animal from mating with another and as a result it decreases the elk population. To prevent having too much of a certain animal the Grey Wolf is needed or required to live in the environment to act like a limiter to certain types of species, this can help our lives as well. For instance animals will have enough space to live and will not have to wander out of their territory into ours to find food or a place to reside in. If we take the wolf away from the environment and the food web completely, more and more of the prey that the wolf consumes will be found eating away at the vegetation and the small organisms of the habitat around them and soon enough the forest or area will be infested with a large amount of herbivores and smaller carnivores. Thus creating less space for the humans and other animals to live in. This situation could become a reality if we as humans do not understand that the wolf is essential to life itself.
The Timber Wolf not only regulates species but it helps keep the environment healthy and free of harmful diseases. It does this by consuming weak and sickly animals from a pack of animals. This stops harmful viruses to escape and effect other species thus stopping the illness completely (“Animal Facts Guide”). This can also help avoid the virus from effecting us, in fact studies have proven this. As a result we have been kept safe from harmful sicknesses for a long time because the Grey Wolf has gotten rid of the virus before it reaches us.
In North America today there are about 12,000 Grey Wolves in the wild. This may seem like a lot but there was many more back then around the 1930s (“Basic Facts about Gray Wolves”). The Timber wolf population is...

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