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The grid computing concept has been widely used in scientific research, oil and gas fields, banking and education a few years ago. In this work, we adopt the idea of grid computing but bring it to mobile and ubiquitous devices instead of traditional computers. Therefore, we propose a new concept: Mist Computing. Mist computing complements cloud computing where computing is performed far away, in the 'cloud'. Similar research conducted by Chu [5] extends an implementation of grid computing to mobile and ubiquitous devices and addresses some limitation problems mobile and ubiquitous devices introduce, such as limited resource and limited battery life. In our definition, mist means that the emphasis of computing and interaction takes place at the edges of the cloud, therefore it extends the cloud computing to peer-to-peer direction. In our research, mobile devices such as smart phones are used as the devices for data gathering of real processes as well as processing environments for the augmented processes.
Figure 3. The Data collection for an Augmented Process
It has been more than three decades that Information Technology (IT) has been used in hospital systems. Comprehensive surveys about using ICT in healthcare are available, for example Johanna Viitanen conducted a national questionnaire study on clinical ICT systems in 2010 in Finland, with the participation of 3929 physicians [20]. Bindakheel, A. conducted a case study in healthcare at University of Malaya Medical, [3] they also use methods like interviews, group discussion among 70 staff to determine the adoption of ICT and found out ICT leads to more accurate diagnoses, reduces medical mistakes and helps to solve health-related issues. Furthermore, Kaplan, B. studied the success and failure in health IT implementation [11] and Lenz, R. [7] studied the potential of using IT technologies in the analysis of healthcare processes. All these existing assessments show that there is large potential in the healthcare sector to improve the productivity and quality.
The hospitals offer public services, which have unique characteristics: the treatment processes are complex...

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