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The Grief Of Abe Essay

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The heartbreaking event on the evening of April 14, 1865 President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Lincoln was the first U.S. president to be assassinated; his death was a test for the country and strength of its constitutional plan of succession (7). That evening the president and his wife were enjoying a performance at the Ford’s theatre. During this performance, a John Wilkes Booth came behind him, shot him in his left ear, and went behind his right eye. He shot him with a pistol, which paralyzed him. In result, the morning of April 15, Lincoln had departed. Lincoln was later enfolding in the American flag; the last act he gave has a president. Booth shot Lincoln to avenge the south ...view middle of the document...

Even though the passing away of Abraham Lincoln was a dire turn, the African Americans will never forget who fought for them and their liberation. Furthermore, “more than ten thousand blacks paraded the city streets” (5). This quote shows the love and strength of the African American community. The New Orleans Tribune suggested that Louisiana was becoming a “negro state” (5). Soon after the south was in turmoil because of the assassination of Lincoln. Even though turmoil was rousing, the African Americans did not lose hope of justice. For the most part, African Americans believe that Lincoln should be remembered for all the excellent things he has done. Previously said, former slave Charlotte made a declaration that led an uprising. “she declared that she would give five dollars of her wages a fortune to an ex-slave toward creating a monument to Lincolns memory”(6). She was truly dedicated and had a lot of appreciation for Lincoln to give up her whole wage. The all time long-term goal was achieved. “A total of $16, 242, 00 was raised, every dollar of which came from former slaves” (6). African Americans truthfully looked up to Lincoln and made it obvious that his assassination was his beginning of a legacy of a great president.
Many northerners respected Abraham Lincoln. His passing away brought sadness. “Mr. Lincoln was a great and good man, and had he lived would have treated his subdued enemies with kindness” (4). This quote shows how the northerners appreciated the things Lincoln done for them. In addition, it showed how Lincoln treated his enemies. Seems like he did not let them take advantage of him and continued to be the president he was supposed to be. The assassination had a big impact on the northerners. The quote “northerners were shocked and saddened” (4) shows just that. Another reaction to the death of Lincoln was an immediate one. “One immediate reaction was to view Lincoln as a martyr for union and freedom” (6). This quote shows their love for Lincoln. Clearly Lincolns passing affected many people that loved and cherished him.
The main reaction that stunned the nation was from the southern part. They showed hatred towards Lincoln. In addition, they showed no remorse, grief, and mourning of his death. They strongly believed that the civil war was his fault and he deserved to die for it. “Lincoln was not a martyr…..he committed a monstrous crime in making war upon us, and his tragic death was no more than just punishment for the crime”(5). The quote shown here shows how people thought it was good that he died. E. Earl was a member of a northern family; he strongly felt that Lincoln’s assassination was a reason for retaliation of ex-confederates. “He believed the murder was a mad act, one for which ex-confederates will bitterly repent” (5). The quote...

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