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Chapter 2 - 6The English Colonies (Until 1701)Why England?demographicsrapidly growing populationmostly poor (landless poor)due to slow economy in Englanddue to Agricultural Revolution and enclosure movementdue to collapse in wool trade after Spanish Armada (now trading with Dutch)joint stock companiesfirst corporationsno longer a need for large treasuries or colonies with gold and silver to fund explorationcrown suffered less risk and was therefore more willing to allow expeditions of settlements and explorationinternational prestigedefeat of the Spanish Armada by the English cleared the way for English settlementEnglish nationalism increasedSpanish defeat solidified the sanding of the Anglican Church in England to the dismay of the PuritansGeneral Characteristicspopulation was booming and young300,000 - 2.5 million between 1700 and 1775black population increased by 20Xmost of this boom came from natural fertilitybaby boom resulted (average age was 16)"melting pot"most immigrants emigrated from Europe for religions reasons or for better economic opportunitiesmost of the second wave of immigrants were not Englishside effectsnon-English immigrants felt no loyalty to the British crownpossessed little sense of English history and tradition - new "American" identityThe Creation of English AmericaColonies were established in three waysJoint-stock chartersCombined resources of poorer people to set up trading coloniesCharters were granted because they alleviated the strain of English government and economyAdvantages was that people enjoyed great degree of autonomyRoyal chartersColony established for the direct benefit of the kingDisadvantages was effort of administrationProprietary chartersSet up as reward for services provided to benefit king and countryHad advantage over joint-stock by giving king partial controlColonies established for the three reasonsCertain colonies were set up as joint-stock companiesVirginia is the primary exampleSome were set up for religious regionsPlymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, ConnecticutSome were established to regain royal control and aid mercantilismNew Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, CarolinasSocial structureSocial mobility was great initiallyGradually became harder to climb social ladderWealth perpetuates wealthLand become "scarce" as population grewCouldn't expand west because of terrain, Indians, and FrenchInflux of indentured servants and slaves made the problem worseColonial jobsMost Americans were farmers (90%)Fisheries and shipping were important in New EnglandThere was very little in terms of finished products/manufacturingMost raw materials were sent to Europe to be finishedReligionTwo dominant denominations (both Protestant)Anglican/Episcopalian/Church of EnglandVery traditionalTended to exist in colonies established with the aid of the English crownThey would eventually feel betrayed/like second class citizensCongregational (Puritan)Mostly in New EnglandVery independent of England,...

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