The Grip Racism Has On America

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A good amount of people in the world would like to believe everyone gets along, that the problems of racism and discrimination we once had have been completely erased. This is not always the case. We live in a world so judgemental, that in some ways discrimination is worse than ever. It is worse now, because it is mainly done behind the backs of others. While many would like to argue they are not judgemental or discriminatory at all, this is usually not the case. It has become ingrained in humans’ minds to judge based on looks, and this is completely backwards and messed up.

Tom Robinson is a victim of racism because of his unjust trial(Lee).He is held accountable for something he did not ...view middle of the document...

Other minorities were treated this way too. It was a dreadful time for these groups of people. They had not done anything wrong, and were trying to live their lives. This was interrupted by the cruel and vindictive for no honest reason.

There are many organizations against racism in America, as it is a known issue. If any group of people is being discriminated against, such as not getting a job because of their race, they can be punished by the law. This did not used to happen. However, if someone is not hired due to their race the reason for this decision is not usually told. This is very unfair especially because, say, a hispanic person may be a lot better at a job than a caucasian person, but they are still not hired because of their race. It is a sad thing, but this type of thing still happens. The question is: will this type of behavior ever go away altogether or will it always linger in society?(Arnade)

When this book was published, the words and situations described were normal. It was not controversial during these times. In the modern world, some educators are hesitant to teach this book because of the themes. This usually is not an issue, however, given the novel is a classic. It is taught with discretion and teachers give their students the knowledge that discrimination is no longer acceptable(Background). It is taught in most high schools across the country, and continues to be beloved despite controversial themes.

We celebrate Black History Month every year in the United States. Of course, this is an improvement to how segregated our country used to be. But you cannot help but wonder, why limit Black History to a month? Maybe if we stopped bringing up the topic of racism, it would eventually go away. Morgan Freeman once said in an interview that he thought Black History Month was ridiculous. He also stated that the way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it. This is a new and interesting perspective.

Judging people is in our human nature. Almost every living thing in the world judges by appearance. But unfortunately, this creates a downfall. When we separate the ‘different’ people,...

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