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The Gross Structure For The Main Body System

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In this assessment i will be outlining the gross structure for the main body system, i am going to produce diagram of each of the main body systems by giving reasons on them. As well as i will be covering the main points on P3.

· Cardiovascular

· Respiratory

· Digestive

· Renal

· Nervous

· Endocrine

· Reproductive

· Lymphatic

· Musculo-skeletal

· Immune

Cardiovascular System

The main responsibility for cardiovascular system for supplying oxygen around the body, as well as it transport nutrients and removes waste material from the body and also the carbon dioxide from the cells, this cardiovascular system contains, heart, lungs, arteries and veins, Although there are four main responsibilities that the cardiovascular does and they are:

1. Transport nutrients, gases and waste products around the body

2. protect the body from infection and blood loss

3. constants minimum amount of body temperature

4. good body fluid within the balance of the body

Respiratory System

The main responsibilities for respiratory system for delivering and transporting blood within the oxygen so that it can be supplied to each of the body parts, And this can be done through breathing, however when you breath you take in oxygen through your nose but when you breath out your exhale carbon dioxide from your mouth.

Digestive System

The main responsibilities for the digestive system are to break down food into small body parts so that it can provide us energy. The five body parts used for the digestive system are:

1. mouth

2. stomach

3. Eesophagus

4. Appendix

5. Liver

6. Large/Small intestine

Renal System

The main responsibilities for the renal system is to remove waste found from the urine system, the kidney cleans the blood and this is ensured that the nutrients are retained and waste such as urine and filtered out

Nervous System

The main responsibilities for the nervous system is that it sends signals to the brain which is called impulses, which gets transmitted...

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