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The Growing Inequality In America Essay

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America was the place to go with the life to be made. As the colonies grew and a

new era began, the lines were drawn. Even in the 1700's, Americans took the time to

diminish. Fine line between the rich and poor in society creating a rough perspective on

who is who in the ever changing world that we have the audacity to slum in. Americans

have grow to see there social class as where they will make it in America. Upper, middle

and lower. These three words are what make you or break you in the world. These three

words determine whether or not you will be rich or poor and this gap between the three

is slowly but surly expanding the canyon that divides the two, rich and poor. It's ...view middle of the document...

Celebrities and local millionaires own the world. They run the businesses and the

passion that gives the poor jobs. So as much as the poor hate the rich, they end up

working for them in the end, less likely to become them. This is a psychological truth

that causes much stir among the poor and possibly some of the rich. As a rich person,

you are less likely to make contact and accept that the poorer are around you. It's the

same concept for the poor to the rich. It's hard to accept the truth, especially when it

comes to terms with your social class. But to the rich, owning the world isn't an issue.

While the "richest 1% of U.S. Citizens own 40% of total property of the country, while

80% of the poor own only 16% of American soil" (

Not only are we dealing with the ratio of rich to poor now, but we have been for

hundreds of years. In the 1920's, the time for industrialization was booming and money

came poring into people's pockets. Well, not everyone's. The rich during the time of the

roarin twenties had money just pouring into their pockets. Around "40% of Americas

income went to the rich population while only 2% went to the poor laborers"

(youtube/ We didn't just now come across the issue of the money

gap. We have constantly dealt with this diminishing issue our whole lives, our ancestors

lives, and numerous generations before. But numbers aren't the only thing keeping

these two classes apart.

"Because of the growing inequality in America, the GAO is not only in...

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