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The Growing Issue Of Animal Abuse In Poor Countries

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” (Gandhi). Sadly it seems that there is much to be desired from America. Over the past few years there has been an increase in animal abuse, sadly numerous cases go unreported and unrecognized. It is estimated by the HSUS that every year nearly one million animals are abused or killed with connections of domestic violence. From this growing issue, it is seen that humans have power over animals.
Most commonly the victims who suffer are dogs, as seen in the picture. Reported in 2007 by the media 64.5% cases involved dogs, 18% involved cats, and 25% involved other animals. Pit bulls are ...view middle of the document...

Poor as I am
I am trying to struggle
Against all consequences of colonialism
Convinced that another day
I will become rich
As they say of my country.
--Antoine de la Vuadi
Poverty has existed for as long as we humans have been alive. It is a common topic heard all around the world and many individuals experience this way of life. Literature and media are some of the ways that this matter has been viewed by people. A country in particular that had undergone many obstacles due to poverty is the Democratic Republic of Congo.
As this poem is stated by a man who grew up in Kinshasa he reveals poverty from his point of view. The message being portrayed is that many individuals who experience poverty in their everyday life are trying to succeed even through the hardships of impoverishment. He mentions that rich culture and poverty are a strange mix, as Kinshasa obtains these two components. Antoine knows he is poor and is trying to overcome the obstacles of colonialism, and he has hope that one day he will be rich just like the culture and agriculture of his country. Ironically the Democratic Republic of Congo is economically poor, but it is rich in agricultural and mineral resources. Its rich resources give it the potential to be one of the richest countries on the African continent and to be a leader in the growth of the Africa as a whole. With all these resources people still don’t have anything to eat.
Many citizens suffer from malnutrition, 50% of the population eats only one meal per day and 25% of the population consumes only one meal every two days. Thanks to activities such as hunting, gathering, fishing and farming the people are still allowed to a meal. Not only is malnutrition a problem but the absence of supplies are also a dilemma. Access to health care has gradually disappeared over time, especially in rebel held areas. Salt is one of these supplies and lack of iodine in an individual’s body can cause a goiter. The Congolese citizens have been undergoing hardships for over forty years, yet people like Antoine have hope for themselves and their country.
Pollution filled China

When it comes to the issue of the destruction of natural environment everyone knows pollution and global warming are the top problems. Recently in the twentieth century the concern for our use on natural resources has increased. With a growing population and industrialization we need all the natural resources we can get. One of them is coal. Currently, China is the world’s leading CO2 emitter. Filled with greenhouse they took the United States spot as the largest manufacturer and holder of greenhouse gasses. What does this heinous dilemma lead to? The answer is pollution.
Pollution is a touchy subject in China. The country contains some of the worst polluted skies and waterways in the world. The creation of all these greenhouses are leading to the damage of the natural...

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