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The Development Of Anabolic Steroids In Sports

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In 1935 German chemist Leopold Ruzicka synthesized the first human usable injectable version of testosterone which changed sports from that point forward. The two who synthesized the human usable hormone, Butenadt’s and Ruzicka received a nobel prize for their work testosterone. A few years later in the 40’s testosterone-propionate, a specific form of testosterone, was first used by the soviets to improve athletic performance. This led to the Soviets dominance in the olympics in the 60’s. From then on the evolution of performance enhancing drugs expanded exponentially and in turn the use increased dramatically. Other athletes began to follow in the Soviet Union’s steps by implementing performance enhancing drugs into their training regimen in order to compete with the soviets. In 1972 the olympic community first implemented drug testing to check for higher testosterone levels to try and combat the use of PED’s. In turn that led to the creation of fast acting hormones that leave the system quickly due to a short half life of 24 hours or less that would allow an athlete to pass drugs tests easily with pre notice of a drug test. The protocol of having untestable drugs in your system and drugs to block testability allowed most athletes to use PED’s worry free with the same effects as long lasting drugs. This lasted until the 90’s when most of the drug using athletes were caught after WADA improved their drug testing and it revealed the olympic powerhouse Germany's long term drug protocols in their olympic athletes. In 1990 the Steroid Control Act was passed which classified Anabolic steroids as a Schedule III drug which made it equal to Opium and Morphine. The FDA, the AMA, the DEA and the NIDA all did not agree with ban and thought that steroids should have been kept legal (History).
The team that pioneered the use of drugs in the NFL interestingly was the 1963 Chargers. After a losing season the coach, Gillman, decided to change his whole teams protocole. He fed all of his players 5 mg of Dianabol 3 times a day in pre season and then introduced a team lifting program with a strength coach. At that time Dianabol was not banned by the NFL and it worked. None of the players had any idea what Dianabol actually was, the Chargers players were given them three times a day and told to lift and that was it. The players then experienced great strength and weight gains with a weight training and eating regimen in the 5 weeks that they took the required Dianabol. From then the 4-10 team went to a power house team who won their championship that year. The team reported being stronger and having more endurance while and after taking Dianabol, which is half the battle in football. An example of this is how the quarterback of the team, Haiti explained that during this period and asked if he took it and he replied,"The linemen did, and they started looking like Popeye a month later" (Quinn 2009). From this point on after PED use in the NFL exploded, but it...

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