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The Development Of Modern Architecture Essay

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With the interaction between the development of computational approaches in architecture and the contemporary forms of spatial design intelligence, some new architectural design theories emerged to make differences between architects and control designing processes. These theories are almost employed in all designing realms, from architecture to urban design to provide fields of ideas and solutions that privilege by complexity. Most of these theories are oriented to relay on understanding and using computational methods to generate exotic and complex geometries. In this respect, three of these theories will discussed and tested against three buildings. The theories are: parametric design, genetic architecture and emergence, which characterize some of the contemporary architectural design approaches.

One of the common designing techniques using in Architecture is parametric design. The term of parametric Design “is a methodology of using advanced visualization technology and mathematical algorithms to optimize structure and material form to advance resource efficiency and innovative solutions within the area of built environment” . However, the boundary line between Parametric design and the current computer-aided drafting or modelling approach is not very clear (Monedero, 2000) . However, it provides a precise formulation instead of complex relation between elements and subsystems. According to Schumacher 2008, there are three significant agendas could be beneficial to consider through this process. Firstly, move from single system differentiation to the scripted association of mutable subsystems. Secondly, the complex configuration. The third agenda is to allow the architecture environment to reconfigure and adapt itself in response to prevalent occupation pattern. With all of these factors and conditions the creating of architectural geometries become more complicated and exposes to some formulation problems. In this stage Burke and Hewett 2010, states that it is undeniable that the usage of geometry in architecture, especially during parametric design, increases the problems of formalisation. They also admit that parametric design needs an assumption of predetermination of the possible solution with flexible an appropriate relation to the formulation. Finally, all of the previous evidences related to the demand for complex forms through the help of computer applications. According to Picon 2010, “the morphological complexity is not the only way to taken into consideration. In an attempt to go beyond the mere seduction of computer-production forms, architects have become increasingly interested in the core principles involved in parametric design”.

Through mining for complex forms the Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition (MOCAPE) in Shenzhen in China is designed to challenge some of parametric design principles. It is designed in 2007 by SERERO Group whom aim to generate a sculpted geometry by using computer program and...

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