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The Growth Of The Automobile Industry: The Assembly Line

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The growth of the automobile industry caused an economic revolution across the United States. The beginning of the 20th century, horse-drawn vehicles and the railroads were the dominant sources for transportation of both goods and people.
Before the assembly line each vehicle was created individually. The assembly line created by Henry Ford, made automobile production faster and easier. The assembly line doubled production and reduced costs, and made each worker an expert at installing his particular car part. His low production cost enabled the final cost of the car to be lowered as well. Soon more and more automobiles were on the road. “The 1920s saw tremendous growth in automobile ...view middle of the document...

According to Automobile in American Life and Society by Walsh, “Automobiles helped change the role of women in society” (Walsh 4). Women were able to travel away from their homes and explore the world they lived in. Life outside their home became more and more common; women were now able to work away from home.
Since the 20th century it has become very clear how automobiles have changed our lives. New inventions hit the market, such as neon signs and billboards designed to catch the eye of driver. Today we see billboards and all types of advertisements aimed at people on the road. When the automobile was introduced it was considered an item of luxury, only the wealthiest could be seen driving a car. Today anyone can own an automobile. Being able to purchase a vehicle on credit is just as important today as it was during the 1920’s. Automobiles have made a big difference in the way communities were designed. Street layouts, the designs of homes now included garages and access roads have changed as methods of transportation have changed throughout history. Buildings were altered to accommodate the busy and fast lifestyles of the driver. In 1948 Harry Snyder created the first drive thru, a service Americans use everyday. Others are not seen as much today as they once were, like the Drive in Movie Theater.
The automobile has affected the United States in many positive ways such as allowing people to travel farther than they ever had before, allowing them to...

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