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The Growth Of The West Legon Boulevard And Its Effect On The Provision Of Services.

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IntroductionUrbanization is the expansion of a city or metropolitan area, namely the proportion of total population or area in urban localities or areas (cities and towns), or the increase of this proportion over time."The largest single step in the ascent of man is the change from nomad to village Agriculture"Settlements are the basis on which any form of village, town, city or mega polis are built on. In about 8000 BC, at the end of the last ice age, the world's population consisted of small bands of hunters and collectors living mainly in sub-tropical lands and at a subsistence level. Due to their migratory patterns nomads could only support themselves if the whole community was involved in the search for food. Later, two major technological changes turned the nomads into sedentary farmers. The first was the domestication of livestock (sheep, goats, and cattle). And the second was the cultivation of cereals like wheat, rice and maize. Slow improvements in early farming gradually led to surpluses and enabled an increasing proportion of the community to specialize in non-farming tasks. As time passed, these communities expanded beyond their origins into kingdoms and empires even stretching over oceans to other continents (colonies), and still through the journey of human life into countries.Recently increase in population has caused a strain on housing; people are now moving away from the CBDs to the less busy outskirts of towns. This has caused the formation of suburban or residential areas (e.g. Airport). To make up for this more land is needed and this is realized in the creation of settlements in formerly undeveloped areas. Settlements vary in size from the smallest (single buildings) to the largest (conurbations).As the population of settlements increase, available services must also increase to provide for the population. Increase in Urbanization has been as a result of increase in populations. This essay seeks to focus on the development of settlements in Accra, Ghana: A case study of The West Legon Boulevard, Accra. And determine the reasons or factors that have contributed in the increase of services in Westlands. It also looks at urbanization on a global scale and takes a look at the trends of urbanization in Third World countries.Urban Trends in More and Less Developed CountriesWhile the world's population is doubling, the world's urban population is tripling. Within the next few years, more than half the world's population will be living urban areas (see Figure1).Figure 1Urban and Rural Populations, 1950-2030Source: UN, World Urbanization Prospects: The 2003 Revision (2004).The level and growth of urbanization differ considerably by region (see Figure 2). Among developing countries, Latin American countries have the highest proportion of their population living in urban areas. But East and South Asia are likely to have the fastest growth rates in the next 30 years. Almost all of future world population growth will be in towns and...

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