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The Development Process Of Professional Athletes

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Professional athletes have been around for thousands of years. These athletes have excelled in their own sport. In those sports, coaches have passed knowledge down to athletes. A coach is the boss of the athlete, they run the show. The big name athletes, known today, had to be taught from scratch; their coach taught them how to play. In 1929 Joseph J. Tomlin founded a children’s extracurricular league called Pop Warner. Pop warner is a youth football league. Pop warner is a steeping stool for young teens to play before they reach high school. Youth athletes have dreams and aspirations to be the professionals. Young athletes look forward to playing the game but also, the players look forward to being with their coaches during practice. Most coaches are role models and inspirations to their players (Pearson). Coaches are underestimated on how important their jobs are to the players. A respectable coach has many admirable visions and can lead a team to victory. Coaching youth sports with different techniques is extremely beneficial to the record of the season because it will teach the players how to respond to the coach in a positive tone, it will create close bonds between the player and the coaches, and it will inspire all players to be the best they can be.
In football and other sports, players have to have a positive thought process. A positive thought process is when a player can think thoroughly with an open mind. A player can think positive and be an optimist. Good and bad events happen to every team, but good teams can look past the event and conquer their next task. When an athlete has played great in a football game, the athlete is eager to have another excellent game. Once an athlete has the desire to have another big play or game, the athlete has now fallen in love and is motivated. After the player has fallen in love, the player can now talk to the coach in a positive way. The player is hungry for another moment. The positive attitude is having an attitude that shows no fear. But once a child doesn’t have the positive attitude, he or she becomes frustrated. Coach Dave lamb once stated,
“Once a child is frustrated, I cannot do anything for him” (Lamb). Meaning, the athlete cannot be cooperated with when he or she is frustrated. Once a football player has the desire to play for his coach the game becomes fun for both, the coach and the player. Athletes enjoy winning and when the players and coach reach those positive tones, those positive goals, the season in successful.
Athletes need to have an in-depth relationship with the coach. Once the positive level of thinking is established, the players and coaches need to have the next level of thinking. The next level of thinking is what to do next after the previous goal isn’t met. It is thinking beyond what is at hand. An example of next-level thinking is a game plan; it is when a team is coming back in a game and they are down by twenty, the coaches and players need to know what they...

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