The Gruesome Assassination Of Our Sixteenth President And The Conspiracies That Surround It

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On April fourteenth, eighteen-sixty-five, the day started off as any other. Abraham Lincoln was set to go to Ford Theater with his wife to see a play “Our American Cousin”. It took a tragic turn for the worst when, Shortly after 10 P.M, Lincoln was shot in the head by a famous actor at the time actor John Wilkes Booth.( ) He got away and there was a search for him and any other conspires that there could be. The search for Booth was one of the grandest manhunts in there is in history, with 10,000 federal troops, detectives and police men tracking down the conspires. ( 2009 )
Along with Lincoln’s assassination, Booth also stabbed Henry Rathbone in the arm who was attending the play along with the Mary and Abraham Lincoln. ( Kelly 2014) Another co-conspirator in the plan was one Lewis Powell who attempted to assassinate the Secretary of State William Seward, but he only injure Seward, David Herold was to also accompanied Powell; however, Herold fled before the assassination attempt took place.( Kelly 2014 ) Around the same time all of this was taking place, George Atzerodt was the one assigned to assassinate the Vice-President Andrew Johnson, but Atzerodt got cold feet and did not go throw with the act. (Kelly 2014) There are many reasons why people think that the conspirators did this. The Conspiracy theories range that they did it to help the south, to that they did it to help Andrew Jackson become presidents, because he was a fellow southerner. There are many examples of conspiracy theories that revolve around the Lincoln assassination. In this paper we will go over eight of them.
One theory that we will go over is that the Vice-President Andrew Johnson was one of the people behind the assassination of the president. So that he could become the president so that he could help the south. Because Johnson was a Democrat from Tennessee, and that would give him reason for wanting to help. ( Shi, Tindall 526)
The way the conspiracy goes if that around seven hours before the president was shot, Booth was at the hotel where Johnson was currently staying at. (Norton 2014) Then Upon learning that neither Johnson nor his private secretary, William A. Browning was in, Booth wrote a conspicuous note that stated: “"Don't wish to disturb you Are you at home? J. Wilkes Booth."( Norton 2014) Some of the members of Congress also had the thought that Johnson was involved and a special Assassination Committee was established to investigate any evidence linking Johnson to anything about Lincoln's death , but nothing suspicious was ever found by the committee to incriminate Johnson.( Norton 2014)
There are many questions around Booths actions involving why he would leave that note. Johnson became the seventeenth president after that night. His way of reconstruction was closely related to the way Lincoln wanted to do it, with a few Proclamations that Lincoln had excluded for some reason or another. (Shi, Tindall 526)

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